Maple Love by Hiyori Otsu


It’s always been my goal to try and post a little something on each and every thing I edit. However, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you know it doesn’t work out that way. I’m usually pretty busy. In fact, I’m busy right now but I don’t feel like doing any work. I decided to just start from the top of my project list with the A’s and look who turned up! Hiyori Otsu (A Lunch Made With Love). :D What great luck? The I decided I might as well post a little bit on what I’ve worked on in the tankoubon. There are actually only two selections I have not worked on. One of which is self titled Your Cuteness. The other is Cycling Under a Starlit Sky, which is undone. I may work on it eventually. So, we’ll start with the first selection, Maple Love.

Maple Love

A school story about the love between an eccentric girl by the name of Kaede Satonaka and her newly found friend Erika Miyaji. Kaede likes to go lay in the grass (in what appears to be a recreational area that’s likely on campus) during lunch rather than eat in order to save money. By chance her cell phone happens to go off right in the middle of her accidentally eavesdropping on Erika turning a boy down. The boy and Erika quickly become aware of Kaede’s presence and it sends him off in a hurry. Rather quickly Kaede finds out that Erika doesn’t like boys. She rather abruptly kisses Kaede which leads her to slap Erika and walk away. Kind of quick to kiss someone, I would have slapped her too!

Erika tracks down Kaede once again, in her spot in the grass where they first met. This time she tries a different approach. She tries to sweet talk Kaede and tells her she’s fallen completely head over heels in love with her. A bit shocked an unimpressed Kaede agrees on a compromise. They’ll become friends rather than lovers. A couple days later someone mentions to Kaede that Erika isn’t really that great of a person. That she steals peoples boyfriends and isn’t generally well liked. Kaede seems to have her doubts about this, for obvious reasons. Erika eventually explains it away as stealing other girl’s boyfriends simply to break them up, so she could go after the then single girls. Ouch! That is pretty sneaky.

Despite their being “friends” Erika remains after Kaede the entire time. She takes her to lunch, to movies and even calls her in the morning to make sure she’s ready for school. Kaede seems to begin doubting the “friendship” and questions one of her friends about the different between one and a romantic relationship. She seems to doubt her feelings as well, questioning how she feels about Erika. Kaede’s friend asks her if she could invite Erika to a “mixer.” Or as we call them in my group of friends “a hook-up party.” :D

At the party Erika appears to be the center of attention, all the guys seem to be gathered around her and flirting with her. Kaede, unconcerned and only there for the food suddenly realizes something. Why is Erika blushing with a bunch of guys if she only likes girls? Then she notices that Erika is also drinking oolong tea… In a single stretch across the table (shocking everyone by the way) Kaede touches Erika’s forehead. She tells her they’re going home and snatches her arm to lead her out.

Back at Erika’s place Kaede puts her in bed after she slightly scolds her for attending the party even though she was sick. That was the reason she was flushed and drinking oolong tea, in case you didn’t pick that up. >_>… After some thought, Kaede realizes that for all the reasons Erika is wrong, that’s what she likes so much about her. She asks Erika what she can do for her and it appears she asked for her. Kaede agrees and gives her a kiss and admits her feelings for Erika. The beginning of a cute relationship. :)


Next up is Love Letter.

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