*pokes you*


Okay, so just in case you didn’t know…I’m home now! I’m back in class and my rotations start tomorrow. Super nervous!  Scared of a class of first graders?  How sad is that!  I’ve been back to real work finally and trying to edit as much as I can to catch up on that.  I’ve received enough “hurry up!” emails from people.  Thanks for your never ending support -_-;.  /sarcasm

Mmm…nothing much new really?  I updated my project list and the count is now at 93 for Lililicious.  I also removed my planned edits for TranquilSpring and added a little note on that.  Sorry to abandon the Octave fans but it seems as though they’re still doing alright with that.  My artwork has gone nowhere, big surprise.  I did manage to have a boatload of fun this summer though.  I still have one trip to make and I’m pretty sure I’m taking Venice as my pick.  I guess I have Aria to thank for that?  (kidding)  I’ve actually done a good bit of research and I think I’ll truly enjoy it there.  I can’t wait!

So!  If I’m not back sometime this week that means the first graders ate me alive and I’m dead.  :(  I’ll have their actual teacher there as support for the four hours a day I have to do.  I’m still terrified!  Gahhhhhhh!!!!!  I’m having zombie visions of little kids circling me chanting “braaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnnsssssssss!”


9 Responses to “*pokes you*”

  1. Erin Says:

    Aww, who’s been hassling you? Not me too much, I hope.

    And yay, Venice! I hope you love it too. When are you going?

    Good luck with the kids!

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Just a few online friends of mine. You don’t hassle me. :p

    I’m sure I will! I’m not sure yet, I’m trying to plan it around a school break so I don’t miss anything unnecessarily. Possibly Christmas. :)

    It’s been an experience to say the least. I haven’t really had any troubles though. The teacher who’s supervising me is very impressed. She sent her report card of me to the teaching instructor who runs our program today. I think it was pretty positive. :)

  3. Kay Says:

    I said, RITE NAO! ~<3

  4. FLG Says:

    Poking leads to pregnancy…

  5. Sachiko Says:

    Ewww you can keep the boy poking to yourself Sam. :p I know how you love the mens!



  6. FLG Says:

    Oh yeah, I just love the mens and their manliness.

    I’m starting to think you do too..not much yuri goodness coming from you lately.

    Those kids better be giving you hell. >.>

  7. Sachiko Says:

    Oh yeah baby! :D

    I’ve been busy :( I’m trying! Plus I don’t get very many easy edits anymore. They take longer to work on. X_X

  8. FLG Says:

    Well, stop being so busy!

    Maybe…take a break from the editing..?


  9. Sachiko Says:

    I can’t help it!

    No, I don’t want to do that. :p I already had a long break over the summer.

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