Love DNA XX Chapter 1


img005After a 42 year hiatus (lazy) I’m back again! So are Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi with a new serialization called Love DNA XX! It begins with a quick little back story explaining that all males have been wiped from the Earth in the year 2122. Exactly how, it does not say (DARN! Kidding guys! Kidding!). A council of women decide that rules need to be put in place for society to continue and founded what is known as the “Eden Project.” The story then abruptly skips ahead 38 years to its present time and location, “Kingdom” Academy.

We’re quickly introduced to our main characters Aoi and Sakura in a typical accident scene. A cat and Sakura both manage to fall from a tree onto Aoi causing a “OH MY GAWSH ARE YOU OK?” conversation. We find out Aoi is a first year student at the Academy and happens to be starting a month late because she was run over by a car saving another cat. Which makes Sakura extremely happy, she seems like quite the cat person. Considering she just crashed down on Aoi trying to rescue one.

After the cat scene Sakura offers to help Aoi find the staffroom, once they reach it we get our first glance at a possible relationship. Aoi thinks to herself about how cute Sakura is as she gets ready to enter the staffroom then quickly passes the thought off as a distraction.

Eventually Aoi ends up in her class and of course she’s late. The teacher gives a quick background to her other students about why Aoi is starting a month late and has her introduce herself. After Aoi suggest she will become the schools top student the other girls in her class begin gossiping about her. One mentions how beat-up and old her sword looks. Aoi overhears and attacks the girl causing a fight which she appears to easily win in the panel we get to see of it.

The scene quickly shifts to detention and we get introduced to another possible main character, Nanaho Matsur. The prefect at Aoi’s dorms. She comes to get Aoi out of detention and give her a tour of the school. We find out why Aoi was so defensive of her sword, it was her mothers. It would seem from the look on her face that her mother has passed. Nanaho then points out the dorm for the EVE’s and we get a better history lesson.

In the 21st century a virus appeared that only affected males. Eventually it killed them off one by one and that paired with the fact no other males were being born because of this virus they became extinct in 2122. The remaining government decided they would divide women into two groups. The ADAMs, who play the part of a male and the EVEs who play the role of a female. This was the Eden Project.

We get a tiny look into Aoi’s feelings about that. She thinks it’s wrong to separate women into to classes like that. They should all be the same. Nanaho seems to disagree and thinks they do need some sort of separation to keep things “normal.” She then gets Aoi to her room and gives her one last piece of advice, don’t date another ADAM or else you’ll get expelled. Then she runs off after flirting a bit with Aoi, how nice of her. >.>

Now in her room Aoi seems impressed with the facilities, rips her clothes off and flops nude on the bed, vowing to her mother that she will not waste the opportunity she now has. The scene switches to Sakura playing with the cat she tried to rescue earlier. She decides to make it her pet and quietly wonders to herself if it was fate meeting Aoi in the courtyard while trying to remember who Aoi reminds her of…END

Impressions: First, the whole idea of a male and female presence in the story with ADAM/EVE is kind of troubling. I’d have much rather had that avoided–I guess that completely changes the entire story though. I suppose it could have been done with citizen class rather than ADAM(male) and EVE(female). Example: “You’re poor Aoi you can’t date Sakura!” Or something like that! It could have been done differently. I am however happy that Aoi seems to have such a problem with the separation of women and I assume the fact she isn’t supposed to date another ADAM.

Second, I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume we’ll be seeing an EVE character in the near future and that there will be a possible relationship with Aoi and her to create the love triangle between Aoi, Sakura and EVE X. It only seems right to have a love triangle with the controversy of not dating another ADAM, right? Is she after Aoi or is Aoi after her? Perhaps it involves EVE X and Sakura instead and creates a jealous Aoi. We shall see!

Last, yes I know what you may be thinking because someone already tried to explain this to me. “The reason they have a somewhat male/female thing going on is to show the struggles of same sex relationships!” Great, I know that. STILL, it’s almost as bad as a cross dressing male main character with a female character. For me, the difference is minimal. I don’t like the stereotyping of lesbian relationships that it’s portraying. There is no “man” in my relationship and I’m sure that’s very true for many other lesbian couples around the world.

All in all, I’m going to have to see where this one goes. I really love the art, the general idea and the story seems interesting so far but…BUT…I’m going to give it a couple more chapters and see how it plays out. I’ll give it a better chance than most stuff…considering it’s Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi. I think you should too. ♥

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  1. qwerfdsazxcv Says:

    so it was a virus that kills off the males after all… i’m going to hope there’s no plot hole about how women were able to give birth to only women… (more science?). adam and eve thing bothers me a bit because it’s reinforcing the whole masculine + feminine thing :P, which you’re right doesn’t always happen. though it also bothers me because… just when i thought i escaped all the adam and eve stories (for my philosophy class) THEY COME BACK!

    art does look nice though and why cats :( i hope that’s seriously not how they fall in love (cuz that’s so unrealistic and dot-dot-dot haha), but i can sense a love triangle :P though knowing these stories, they’ll make it more complicated into a love square o-ho-ho~ we’ll see how it goes :P

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