Love DNA XX Chapter 2


img072Wow two post this close together? Someone must be bored! Actually I have a lot to do, I’m just ignoring it. >.> [SHHHH] So I just finished the most recent chapter of Love DNA XX earlier today. It took me just over a few hours to do, I was motivated.

The Chapter begins with a quick flashback. Remember the first chapters previous ending? She vows to her mother not to waste this chance. Well that appears to be who her dream is about. Her mother seems very sick and tells Aoi that she must not make the same mistakes that she did by falling in love with the wrong person.

When we last left Aoi she was naked in bed. That’s right where we pick it back up again! Remember the dorm prefect Matsuri Nanaho? She’s there to bang Aoi’s door down the following morning after the first chapter. Apparently Aoi is running late and Matsuri is fulfilling her duties by helping her make it to class on time. She has a cute friend with her as well by the name of Mizuki. It seems like Matsuri could have done a bit more but was simply covering her own behind. Mizuki on the other hand seems as if she thinks Matsuri should do more for Aoi.

After a quick shower Aoi blast out the door to class with a piece of toast in her mouth. No time for breakfast! The scene shifts to Sakura getting ready for school. She seems to have a maid and perhaps come from quite the upper class family. She’s also late! No time for breakfast for her either! It seems she was up so late thinking about Aoi that she overslept! :o She dashes from the house as well, telling the maid not to worry about bringing the car around for her. You can guess what happens now…CRASHHHHHHH. Two potential lovers in a full sprint in the same area, head on collisions are bound to happen!

It seems Aoi was running in the wrong direction, she was headed for the Cain dorms. Where Sakura lives. After a few brie words they decide to run to school together since they have just enough time to make it still! Sakura tells her to keep up and takes off! The two race past several students who seem shocked to see Sakura running. We get to see a bit of Aoi’s ultra competitive side as she keeps telling herself that Sakura wont outrun her. I seems Sakura eventually does win the race by a bit though.

Once arriving at the school they decide to walk together. Sakura tells Aoi that she has decided to keep the cat Aoi managed to catch [with her head] the day before. She’s also come up with the perfect name for a “beautiful aristocratic cat.” >.> More cat love from Sakura. It seems to be prevalent thus far. Aoi notices that everyone seems to be staring at the couple. Right then someone comes up to interrupt the two of them. It’s Matsuri and Mizuki! It seems they’re childhood friends of Sakuras. Matsuri realizes that Sakuras and Aoi already know one another and appears shocked. I guess cats falling on peoples heads can do magical things! Matsuri also introduces Aoi and Mizuki for the first time. Aoi seems to think she’s beautiful. :o Another character in the mix?! As the three of them run off to class and leave Aoi it seems as if she’s almost being accepted into their little group as a new friend.

Aoi then realizes everyone is still staring at her. She decides to ignore it and heads into her classroom. Guess what? Everyone is still staring and whispering! Maybe it’s because she’s the new girl? A classmate of hers runs up to her explain how jealous she is that Aoi knows Sakura-sama and the other two. Aoi ask the girl why she’s using “-sama” and finds out that Sakura is in fact the second daughter of the prime minister and a three star Etoile! She goes on to explain to Aoi that Matsuri and Mizuki are also Etoiles.

Aoi jumps from her chair and says “I’ve finally found them!! So they’re my enemies, the ones I’m supposed to despise…The Etoiles!!” END The next chapter is due out January 18th so we’ll have abit of a wait to find out what happens next! :o What a cliff hanger. :p

Impressions: My questions were left mostly unanswered from the first chapter. I guess we’re still setting things up before we get into the story. I guess that’s highly normal though. I expected as much. There are however a few things I’d like to touch on with this chapter though.

Aoi’s mother. She mentions to Aoi in the opening flashback that she must not make the same mistakes she did by falling in love with the wrong person. Does that mean that Aoi’s mother had an ADAM/ADAM relationship? I can only assume she was an ADAM because she gave Aoi the sword she carries. I guess as the story goes on we’ll find out more.

Where does Mizuki fit in? Aoi thinks she’s cute and she appears to be another of the main cast. I somehow get the drift that her and Matsuri could be a couple already? Matsuri seems to jokingly mention the no ADAM/ADAM relationship thing as she flirts with Aoi in the first chapter. It’s not definite by any means and if anything it’s more of a feeling than anything. I wonder if she becomes and option for Aoi? Unlikely in my opinion. I’m still expecting a Eve to join the story soon. Maybe next chapter.

Last and most importantly. Why is Aoi supposed to hate the Etoiles? Could it perhaps be that her mother hated their mothers for not allowing a ADAM/ADAM relationship? Shot in the dark there! I’m almost certain Aoi wont be killing anyone but I am curious how she’ll treat the three of them now. Will she stay friendly and act as a “undercover” to eventually hurt them or will she all the sudden begin treating them bad?

More questions and more chapters to come! I’m still not 100% sure on this one, like I mentioned before. I’m going to need a few more chapters until we get into the meat of the story. Thanks for reading! :)

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