Clover Chapter 2 ~Bitter Girl~ By Hiyori Otsu


Well in light of my fourth Clover work(Ch1, Ch2, Extra: Happy Days, Ch3) being released this week I’ve decided to do a little write-up on Chapter 2. This leaves me with one more chapter to edit, Chapter 4. If you recall from my first write up on Chapter 1 (unlikely because it was from June of 2009) Clover actually explores the stories of four sisters. The Extra chapter is a bonus of Chapter 2 story so rather than moving to Chapter 3 after this I’ll be blogging the Extra next. For obvious reasons.

The story begins with Midori working in a bakery. She gets a phone call from another employee and someone who is supposed to be there working with her. It seems the employee hs decided to quit and never gave a two weeks notice. Thus Midori is stuck there, with no help. A girl who seems to come in every day and order sweets arrives on time, as usual. Midori decides to get herself out of a jam by offering the girl a job. That girl is Sugiura, her younger by one year.

Fast forward two months later. The two of them, dressed in their Santa suits are out front of the store selling baked goods. Neither of the girls have a boyfriend and Midori is going on about how she doesn’t understand why, she’s a bit self absorbed. The standards she lists off to Sugiura are a bit ridiculous…or so it seems. Sugiura almost jokingly says that she fits all the criteria! Sugiura then proceeds to tell her that they should go out, until they find boyfriends. Midori shocked at first eventually agrees that it sounds like a fun idea.

Midori has an exchange with a friend of hers at school, Yuu-chan. She’s explaining how she ended up with a girlfriend for winter break rather than a girlfriend. Midori seems enthused about it and says she’s going to give it her all even if it is just for pretend! Then she rushes off to meet Sugiura for a date. The girls have the prototypical date. Shopping, movies, and tea together. Midori mentions how it’s fun but then ask how it’s different than just hanging out with a friend. That leads to Sugiura suggesting a kiss. I think Midori  planned for it to be platonic but seemed to get slightly excited over it.

Later, in a conversation with her friend again Midori realizes that once one of them gets a boyfriend they’ll have to break up. It seems to bother her just a bit but nothing too serious, yet. She’s just questioning herself more than anything. As she does after bringing Sugiura home. She starts to narrate her feelings. She questions whether she could be in love with Sugiura yet or if she could even love her.

We skip ahead to later that night, Sugiura is sleeping on the floor and Midori is in her own bed. After Sugiura gives Midori a goodnight kiss that seems to excite her she goes back towards her bed. Midori suggest that they sleep together for warmth. Funny little comedy moment there. A bit of a misinterpretation between the two at first. They end up in the bed together none the less and have a quick little chat about who Sugiura has dated in the past before going to sleep. Midori silently thinks to herself how convenient it would be is Sugiura liked girls now because of the way she’s starting to feel. Also that the “pretend” relationship last as long as it possibly can.

Now in the bakery, a man stops by and offers himself to Midori. Sugiura sees this and suggest that he would be right for her and quickly tells Midori that it’s time to end the pretend relationship. Sugiura runs off early saying she has some stuff to take care of but not without giving Midori a goodbye kiss. Midori realizing what has happened decides that she’s going to chase Sugiura down and tell her how she really feels. That she fell for her seriously. By the time she catches her she finds Sugiura crying. Sugiura professes her love to Midori before she even gets a chance to tell Sugiura. The two embrace as Sugiura begins apologizing for loving her. Midori admits to her that she’s also in love with her.

We skip some into the future, everything seems to be official with the two. This time we’re at Sugiura’s house. The two sit down to eat some sweets from the bakery when Sugiura mentions how she doesn’t want any and tell idori to help herself. Sugiura tells her that she only visited the shop daily before being employed because love drew her to Midori. Midori suddenly realizes that somebody who comes from a family as well off as Sugiura probably wouldn’t even need a part time job. She only took it to spend time with Midori, to get to know her. The story ends with the two joking around a bit and Midori giving Sugiura a kiss. :)

  • Loved the whole thing about Sugiura only coming to buy pastries to see Midori. I never expected that the first time through. Completely caught me off guard. I never thought about the fact Sugiura mentioned being wealthy either. Duh!
  • Extremely cute story, just like Chapter 1. Oh and for that matter, all Otsu stuff is super cute.
  • Uzuki from Chapter 1 is pictured on one page, she’s very young though. Fuuka the sister whom Shiho (Uzuki’s girlfriend from Ch. 1) borrows a school uniform from is also seen taking care of Uzuki.

Sketchbook Update: I’ll be back to blogging Sketchbook soon. Maybe I’ll do Episode 5 tonight. Not quitting on it.

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