Clover Extra ~Happy Days~ by Hiyori Otsu


The last time we left Sugiura and Midori they were both younger, and still in high school. Now they’re both in college and it’s four and a half years later.

Midori seems to be worried about their relationship though. It seems she feels the love is starting to fade. Sugiura has decided to take the bar exams next year to become a lawyer and is spending a ton of time on her studying. Plus, she doesn’t like how the two of them can’t be affectionate in public. Midori does mention an active sex life though and the fact that’s all they do together anymore.

After being left alone in bed by Sugiura early, Midori decides to go out drinking. In the mood she was already in, it was a bad idea. She gets completely wasted has a whine-fest at the bar and then passes out in the entry way to Sugiuras. That seems to have angered Itchan, as she told Sugiura that Midori wasn’t allowed to drink for a month. :D I’m assuming Itchan is the landlord? Or perhaps the RA in a college dorm complex?

Midori seemingly back at her dorm/house calls Sugiura to schedule a movie date. Sugiura hesitantly accepts sending Midori into a fit of squeeeeee. Moving forward to the movie date…Sugiura seems extremely unenthusiastic when Midori shows her the movie poster of what they’re going to see. It’s “Packet Monsters”, which is obviously Pocket Monster, A.k.a. Pokemon. Sugiura ends up falling asleep at the movies and enraging Midori who does stomping out of the theaters. Sugiura chases after her trying to calm her down instead it does the opposite.

Midori tells her that they need to break up because things keep getting worse. Citing the fact Sugiura will have more time to study too. It seems to really crush Sugiura as she asked Midori if she still loves her, Midori replies with the same question. Midori is suddenly reminded of chasing Sugiura down after breaking off the “pretend relationship” in Chapter 2 when she broke down in tears. The two end up sitting down on the curb and having a heart to heart talk. Sugiura unveils her master plan to Midori (quickly become a lawyer, get lots of money, move in together, support them both).

Midori scolds her for not explaining it sooner. Then she would have understood why Sugiura was working so hard and not spending as much time with her. Sugiura felt that it would have scared Midori off, the fact of living together forever. Midori says otherwise and somehow Sugiura twist it into Midori accepting a marriage proposal! :D :D (Been there done that.) So after some funny narration and thought bubbles Midori seems to like the idea. The last page is pretty cute and shows the two in the future. :) ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!

Oh and as an even cooler added bonus, on the closing page of the series she explains why she picked this couple do to the extra story about and also includes a little picture in the bottom left corner showing the happy couple on their wedding day, five years later. Both in a wedding gown. :) Lipstick powah! :D

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  1. Nakayo Says:

    Hi!! It’s Nakayo here from Yasashii sekai…!! ^_^

    I’ve read this but I still enjoyed reading your summary!! I love the volume so much that I went out to buy the original copy – in Japanese!!! hahahaha I can’t even read it but I’m happy to just flick through it. hahahaha LOVE IT!!!

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Hi Nakayo! :) Yeah I love the Clover series! I still have chapter 4 to edit, I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t received the translated script for it yet but the scans look interesting. :) I would have to waste a few days straight looking kanji up to even dare try to read it myself. So I think I’ll just wait. :D Otsu is my favorite, by far. Her stories always leave a smile on my face when they end. :)

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