Octave Chapter 20


Before reading on please note that this is not a deliberate shot at Tranquil Spring. I worked with them for several chapters of this (7-15) and enjoyed my time there and the staff as a whole. I left due to time restraints I had at that point in my life. I have been debating for over a week if I should release this or not because I was worried about sending the wrong message. It’s one of my first attempts at actually translating a work publicly (meaning outside of school work). I had a good bit of help from a friend as well, who has also been pushing me to release this. So out of respect, I would recommend waiting for the Tranquil Spring release rather than download mine. I simply decided that it would be such a waste to just let it vanish. That said, I’m not even going to guarantee the proper translation of this.

This was practice/fun/whatever you want to call it. So here’s the link. Please enjoy.

[Download Octave Chapter 20]

14 Responses to “Octave Chapter 20”

  1. Champloo Says:

    Whoa, thanks! ;)

  2.   [Sachiko]Octave v.3 c.20 by Minute Games Says:

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  3. Anonymous Says:

    I was waiting a long time for this update. I’m glad you decided to post it up =D Thank you!

  4. Kanapox Says:

    Thanks for the release. If you are looking for some series to practice, I just bought a tankoubon of a yuri series and I’m looking for a translator to work with it. It’s a complete series in only one volume. If you are interested in a joint project, or just want to give a glance at the raws, let me know please, I can be contacted at animexis.org

  5. Kaori-sama Says:

    Thank you very much for releases.
    I really love Octave. (>.<)

  6. kingswing Says:

    Screw them! I am sorry but if they refuse to update and you manage to do it in a timely manner than fine. They don’t even update the status of this comic, apparently they are still quality checking 19 even though they already released it.

  7. Kanapox Says:

    When I read comments like that one I don’t even know why I bother to be a scanlator myself.

  8. Sachiko Says:

    @Annon: Thanks! I’m glad it made you happy. That was my goal, but please do get TS’s as well. They work hard and I’m sure it’s probably more acurate.

  9. Sachiko Says:

    @Kanapox: I do hope you took my intentions on this properly. I assume you did based on your first post. Please contact me, I would be willing to take a look. I’m far more of an editor than translator as per my project list, but I will gladly take a look. sachiko.chinensis $at$ gmail dot com. Thanks for your comment!

  10. Sachiko Says:

    @Kaori-sama: Thanks! I love it too! That was the motivation behind this. The series is wonderful and I’ve enjoyed it from the start, when I was the editor, and after when TranquilSpring did a wonderful job on it after I left. Please watch for their release of it and the ones following. :)

  11. Sachiko Says:

    @kingswing: Well, I understand your frustration. I know it’s hard to wait for something you want so bad. Don’t forget though, they’re also people. They have jobs, they go to school, and they have lives. Me, being an editor for a larger group, I can attest to that. Sometimes it’s hard and I personally know several of their staff. I worked with them from Chapter 7 though Chapter 15 as the editor. I know they’re all very busy. They do their best and they do a great job. Cut them some slack. :) Scanlating is harder work than some people realize. Thank you for the comment though, I’m glad you enjoyed my release. :) Please come back!

  12. kingswing Says:

    I have no problem with them taking their time or being very busy. But the mini status isn’t even updated, how long does it take to do that.

  13. Sachiko Says:

    @kingswing: True, I did notice that last month. Not sure what the deal is on that. I’m not in contact with them anymore. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that the people who manage the blog are likely in classes right now. Everyone in the group was always very serious about school work.(good thing!) I checked after I read your post and the whole front page has messages posted by editors and quality checkers. Perhaps the founder(s)/leader(s) are busy right now and haven’t updated the status log. :)

  14. shizuru j fujino Says:

    thank for releases and have you ever thought of asking for donation’s to help with buying raws, because i would really like to help if you need any.I cant afford to much but i would love to help if i can: ]

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