~Sketchbook Full Color’S~ Episode 1


I’ve started so many different things here and never finished any of them. But, it is MY blog, right? So now onto another reviewing project I’ll likely never finish! :D

Page 01 “The Girl With The Sketchbook”

We start being introduced to the main character Sora Kajiwara rather quickly. We see her trying to sketch a cat as fast as possible before it decides to move in what looks like an abandon lot in between other houses. She’s interrupted by a short orange haired girl who takes her picture and has a quick one sided conversation about how she’s unable to draw and takes pictures instead. Sora, terrified by the prospect of meeting a new person, is unable to talk and the girl runs off.

On a walk back to her art club at school she begins narrating a few things for us. She mentions being scared of meeting new people, how much she loves to draw and that she brings her sketchbook with her no matter where she goes. Lastly she has a quick internal debate about camera vs. sketchbook and quickly decides that cameras are just not as good.

Now in the art room we’re introduced to a few people. First the art teacher, Kasunago. She seems a little unhooked from the real world to me. Just a first impression though. Next we meet Kuga, who seems to be an upperclassman to Sora. Kuga appears extremely dark and scary but it looks like she has a playful side in her too. Using her paint brushes as cat ears to put behind someones head. :D Next up is Negishi, the first male character we meet. He seems easily enraged and over dramatic but I don’t see him as being a bad person. Even Sora says so after admitting in more narration she’s fearful of him because she is so jumpy and he can go off at any second. Now onto what I will assume are the other two main characters. One a purple haired girl, named Aso, with twin poneytails who seems a little over-zealous and almost fearless. A bit rough around the edges might be a better way to describe her. The other a short blonde haired girl who seems cautious, and very polite. She was not named in the first episode.

Sora, Aso and the blonde girl set out in the city to look for something to draw for their art project “What interests you the most.” Sidetracked by Sora being hungry the girls stop for some Udon. A funny scene ensues when Aso and the blonde go overboard with their chili powder. :D

After they finish eating the hunt continues for something to draw. On the way we run into two more characters and fellow art club members, both whom I’m also going to say are upperclassman to the three girls. One of them is Juju who seems to be extremely carefree and actually appears physically older than anyone else I’ve seen. Perhaps her appearance reflects her attitude on purpose. Then again maybe she is older. That’s to be seen still. She’s introduced with her friend, Kurihara. Who looks a little crazy…maybe mad scientist-ish. She’s also a bug expert and leads the story forward!

Sora, Aso, the blonde and Juju all follow Kurihara as she follows a tiger beetle through the forest. They eventually come out in a beautiful spot that appears to overlook their entire city. The five of them all sit down there and find something interesting to them to sketch and later paint. You notice that Aso is drawing Sora. Hmm… Sora on the other hand has found a bowling alley with a giant cat mascot on top for her to draw. Pictures at the bottom, let me know if he resembles someone. ;)

With everyone in the class unveiling their paintings to Kasugano (the teacher) we find out that Aso changed her mind and painted something else rather than the picture she was sketching of Sora. The question is then brought up as to where Sora went?…Back in the abandon lot where we started, trying to one again draw the same cat! Poor Sora, the cat not only moves he gets up and walks across her sketchbook as she lays it on the ground. As she gets up to head home she narrates another thought to us. The beauty of some things are unable to be sketched on paper. She mentions a Mike and his voice. I’m assuming it was the cat she was sketching in the abandoned lot. She then remember something and takes off running. We close with her basking in the sunlit reflection of a street mirror as she explains how it’s also un-sketchable.

I’m left with some comments/thoughts…

  1. I’m still unsure after finishing the first episode if that girl from the beginning with the camera was simply a random girl to introduce the camera vs. sketchbook thought or if she’ll be a future character.
  2. There are two other girls who I don’t recognize that do short skits during the show. Are the characters or simply comic relief.
  3. Will we ever find out who the blonde haired woman is! (Kidding I’m sure we will, she’s a main character I think)
  4. You know I have to wear my yuri goggles no matter what I watch, right? So…why is Aso so interested in Sora, why was she secretly sketching her and then afraid to paint the picture she sketched.
  5. I like it a lot! The Aria comparisons were well deserved. I know they actually do have some non story related connections so I was glad to see it wasn’t simply just that. The mood and atmosphere really feel the same. Plus the President Aria cat statue was pretty cool to see. :)

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