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Completely random stuff here. I’ve been EXTREMELY sick the past few weeks or so. Which is why I haven’t really bee around. I’m starting to get better but there still are some thing lingering. So expect me back in full force sooner rather than later. :) Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though! :D I’m living on Jello and canned fruit. Currently anything else taste really bad. It’s all my taste buds are craving and it’s not upsetting my stomach so I guess that’s a win-win.

I’ve been doing a little bit of editing when able. Besides the sickness there just doesn’t seem like much to do right now. There’s really nothing else I can work on for the time being. I was glad to see a ton of my edits get released recently. That includes four from Pure Water Adolescence, a one-shot from Mist, a really awesome Marimite doujinshi oh and of course The Secret Recipe chapter 4. I know several people have been waiting on that. Also even more recently another chapter of Sweet Blue Flowers (probably my favorite on-going series) and chapter two of what could become another favorite of mine in the near future, Ebisu-san and Hotei-san. Seems like a lot of people are really into that as well. Working on chapters 3-5 of that series.

I’m watching Serial Experiments Lain, up to episode 10. Confusing in a way, but very interesting. I still plan on finishing Sketchbook as well as the episode reviews. Haven’t given up or forgotten about that at all. I really like that series. I just got interested in S.E.L., got a little busy editing and then sick so things haven’t worked out for it as planned. Anyway, I am looking forward to finishing S.E.L. and getting back to it.

I did some artwork recently, more of a recreation than actual art though. It was for a one year anniversary, not sure if I’ll post it. Maybe eventually. Feels inappropriate to though considering it’s a reproduction. It might just remain secret. It did turn out really nice though, I was proud of myself. I made me want to finish that piece from forever ago that I promised and never did. Then I remembered when my computer exploded I lost the psd file of it. So I would have to redo what I’ve already done and I don’t know if that’s worth it…So until next time!

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  1. meitanei Says:

    Hi, I’m from the blog that linked directily your pictures. I have no idea that this would make any difficulty for you (or the blogs I have picked up the pictures), so I want to appologize for that. I’m sorry.

    And It’s a good notice you recovered from this illness =D

  2. Sachiko Says:

    It’s not technically hurting me I suppose. :D I just get a list once a month from my webhost that shows people who are linking directly to my pictures and using my bandwidth and they advise against it if possible. :) It’s no big deal, it hasn’t caused me any significant problems.

    Thank you so much! It has really been a pain, I’m so glad to be doing better. :) Thanks for the comment and please come back!

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