The Secret Recipe Chapter 1


A cute little story of the cooking club president and another member of the cooking club, Wakatsuki. The club president seems shy, calm and is very inexperienced when it comes to relationships. The club member, Wakatsuki on the other hand is quite the opposite. Flamboyant, bold and has been in quite a few relationships (with boys).

She comes to the club president with a request. A kiss to determine her sexuality. Lately she hasn’t been very interested in boys and can’t figure out why. She’s questioning herself. Wakatsuki says she has joined the club to learn the art of cooking. So one day, in the future, she can land a guy with a big job. She tells the president that if she is “that way” then there’s no need for her to remain in the cooking club. There’s no point of learning cooking if she likes girls. The president seems shocked but makes a deal with her. No matter what the outcome of the kiss that she will remain in the club. It appears they’re at their minimum limit to remain a club and the president is doing anything she possibly can to keep her.

Wakatsuki and her share a kiss together. A short lived one it would seem. Wakatsuki instantly decide that because it didn’t make her vomit that she is a lesbian. The club president tells her to quit talking like that and think it over first. Not to base it off one kiss. Wakatsuki decides that she’s right…she needs to kiss her again! It looks like there was a lot more involved in the second one! She’s trying to get in the presidents pants. :D The president promptly slaps Wakatsuki away setting up for a nice series to begin. :)

Really enjoyed this one. I’m a big fan of Tsubomi in general though. I like the setup for the second chapter. No cliff hangers, just enough comedy and cuteness to make you want more. :)

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