The Secret Recipe Chapter 2


Wakatsuki feels betrayed by the club president, Horikawa. She promised Wakatsuki that she could come to her with any problems when she initially joined the club. Now she president refuses to help her discover her sexuality! Obviously that may be just a bit much to ask for. :D

This chapter mostly focuses on the thoughts of Horikawa and how she feels about giving her very first kiss up to a girl. She’s offended that Wakatsuki would not only take her first kiss but try and take her virginity as well!

Wakatsuki decides to stop by Horikawa’s class and drop off a cheesecake she made in coking class earlier in the day. Apparently it’s disgusting despite the fact that it looks good. Wakatsuki didn’t measure anything out she just dumped from the ingredient bottles! :D

The girls in Horikawa’s class begin to notice how often Wakatsuki is coming around and mention how great of a president she must be to have such a faithful admirer coming around so often. Horikawa can’t explain to them what’s really going on though. She does admit right at the very end though, she thought Wakatsuki was cute. :)

Cute chapter, especially the cheesecake part! :D A little slow though on the development front. I guess Horikawa admitting Wakatsuki’s cuteness is big, but not much else went on beyond that. Another nice mixture of comedy and story though. It’s really shaping up so far. :)

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