The Secret Recipe Chapter 3


Much like the last chapter, this one is from a thought point of view. Instead of Horikawa it’s Wakatsuki this time. She introduces herself as Wakatsuki Chihiro, age 16. So we find out a bit more about one of our characters.

She begins by giving away a little tip on dating. She mentions never having a problem getting the person she was after. But those were all boys. This time it’s a girl. She feels like she’s in serious trouble because she’s never had to pursue before. Only sit back and wait because of her popularity. It appears she was after Horikawa before joining the club and used the test of sexuality as a cheap way to steal a kiss.

It appears the two of them are on somewhat of a date. At least I think so. It seems they’re out visiting a bookstore together. I don’t think it’s the library but I could be wrong. Anyway, Horikawa is helping her find books to help with her cooking. As Wakatsuki continues to think of ways to get Horikawa to fall in love with her. Horikawa interrupts her train of thought and ask Wakatsuki if she ever told the girl she was in love with how she felt yet. Obviously Horikawa doesn’t realize it’s her that Wakatsuki is in love with. She ask if she’s sure it’s really love and not just close friendship that Wakatsuki is feeling for the girl.

Wakatsuki mistakes what Horikawa is saying and jumps her. :D Saying “I Want you president!!” At the very end Wakatsuki decides that she’s going to use her inability at cooking as an advantage to lure Horikawa in. :)

Overall a pretty good chapter once again. This is slowly turning into one of my favorite series. I would expect no less though, considering it’s from the same mangaka who does Girlfriends. If you’re not reading this yet, I do believe you’ve lost your mind. :)

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