The Secret Recipe Chapter 4


Chapter 4 is probably the funniest and at the same time cutest thus far! The cooking club has their meetings every Monday and Friday. On Mondays they plan the menu and Fridays they do the actual cooking. Most of the members only show up on Fridays because the planning is pretty boring! Horikawa shows up for a Monday meeting and to her dismay the only other club member present is Wakatsuki. :D

Wakatsuki obviously continues to go after her with everything she has. As soon as Horikawa walks in she’s kissed and attacked. She ends up knocking Wakatsuki over the head with a soup ladle. :D

In the last chapter Wakatsuki somewhat confessed her love for Horikawa but it seems neither of them are aware of the confession. Horikawa thinks that’s just just teasing her while Wakatsuki doesn’t realize she even confessed. Actually pretty cute. :)

Wakatsuki learns of last years president, who was Horikawa’s friend it seems. The two of them made a cake together. It seems she was a very important person to Horikawa from the cell phone picture. After coming up with a diabolic plan Wakatsuki flys out of the meeting. Leaving Horikawa worried she might quit the club…The following day there’s a giant wedding cake on Horikawa’s homeroom desk. >_>… It looks almost evil. lol Wakatsuki made it to try and win her heart. But, as we’ve learned so far she isn’t a very good cook. :D

Now Horikawa has decided to do whatever it takes to teach Wakatsuki to cook! To restore the clubs honor!

Looking forward to chapter 5. I’m curious exactly how far Horikawa will take it to teach Wakatsuki. :o More cute, more silly, more enjoyment. Love this series. :) Keep an eye out for it, coming soon to a Lililicious near you. :)

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  1. random Says:

    do you know when ch4 will be released? =O

  2. random Says:

    nice blog, just stumbled across it today btw =D

  3. Sachiko Says:

    Thanks, please come back and comment again! It’s awfully quiet around here for the amount of visitors it shows I’m getting. :(

    I’ve finished editing it and we’re just waiting for the group leader to check it over. Keep an eye out, it won’t be long. :)

  4. random Says:

    Ohh, alright then. Thanks for the reply, I’ll be looking forward to it!! =D

  5. Sachiko Says:

    You’re welcome! It’s a good one, I promise. :) Sadly we’ll have to wait a while for Chapter 5. There wasn’t a chapter in Tsubomi 5. :(

  6. hanie Says:

    when will be the release of chapter 5?! :)

  7. Sachiko Says:

    We’re still waiting on the RAWs for Volume 6 of Tsubomi. :) There was no chapter in Volume 5 so that’s the cause of the long delay. We’ll have it to you as soon as we can. :)

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