Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 1


Well considering I’m doing the editing and the popularity seems to be shooting through the roof I may as well start blogging about Ebisu-san and Hotei-san! In chapter 1 we get to meet the two main characters. Ebisu Mayo (or Shrimp Mayonnaise) and Hotei Chizuru, who affectionately gave her that nickname. It does make sense though ebi=shrimp and mayo is well..mayo. Ebisu was a former higher up in the main offices of a big company in Tokyo. She seems to have given her job up to move to a smaller division of the company in the suburbs. Why you ask? Well you’ll have to read on for that. :)

Hotei also works for the same company and Ebisu, though she has always worked at the smaller office in the suburbs, the place Ebisu has transferred to. It seems one time Hotei had a meeting in the main offices and had a unfriendly run in with Ebisu though. So as she has lunch with the girls word seems to spread. Hotei seems to be a well liked person around the office so almost instantly gossip causes people around the office to look ay Ebisu negatively. It just so happens that Hotei has also been put in charge of showing Ebisu the ropes around the office. Just what she wanted I’m sure!

While Hotei is showing her exactly what she’ll be doing, Ebisu mentions that under no circumstances will she work any overtime. No matter what the case. She also prefers to remain unsocial as not to be bothered by anyone so she ca get as much done as possible . Hotei laughing inside knows that Ebisu can’t complete a days work in her allotted amount of time. She KNOWS Ebisu will have to work overtime to complete it. Almost evilly…she seems to have a growing disgust for Ebisu. As the clock strikes 5, Ebisu gets up and walks out with lots of unfinished work sitting on her desk. It seems she doesn’t care if her work is done or not. She’s leaving at five no matter what! (The jobs I’ve had, that’s always been a good way to get fired! lol)

The following day Hotei decides that she has a plan to keep her there so she has to work overtime! She goes to Ebisu’s locker and steals her shoes and will refuse to give them back until Ebisu has finished all her work for the day. It looks like she’ll be stuck at the office and have to work overtime after all, right? Wrong! Ebisu, at 5 heads home in her rubber sandals for indoors! She must really hate work! Hotei who’s seemingly evil, jealous and desperate shows a bit of a kind heart for once. She takes off after Ebisu presumably to return her shoes. She chases her all the way to a day care when Ebisu comes out with a small girl in hand. So that’s why she has to go! She has a daughter! No, it’s her niece that she’s having to raise on her own. Circumstances aren’t discussed yet. Maybe later down the line. It’s the reason she had to leave the corporate office and take a lower job. For her niece.

It looks like Hotei ends up at Ebisu’s house and spends a bit of time with her and her niece. After that she returns home. Hotei lives with her parents and seems to be eating herself alive on the inside. She’s the same age as Ebisu and isn’t anywhere near her level and it truly seems to be bothering her. Ebisu is on her own, she’s raising her niece, she had a better job, she’s pretty. Hotei is just extremely jealous of Ebisu in my opinion. The exchange she had with her at the main office a long time ago wasn’t even that bad. Ebisu simply told her she needed to pay more attention to her job. It’s the jealousy that’s causing the “hate” that Hotei is feeling. Yes she actually says she HATES her. Wow, that’s nasty!

It doesn’t get any better the next day. Management decides to implement a new system that Ebisu has created for the data entry to go smoother. Hotei and the rest of the girls in the office don’t seem to happy about her coming in and immediately causing things to change. It’s not really her job to do things like that. She’s supposed to be data entry just like the rest of them it would seem.

As the clique heads off for lunch Ebisu chases Hotei down. She tells Hotei that she’s going to have to do some work with management today and prepared special lunches for herself and her niece today. She wont be able to eat it so she wants Hotei to have it. That’s sweet of her considering how Hotei has treated her up until now. Not something I would do for somebody so nasty. :o  Anyways Hotei accept the lunch and eats it despite her co-workers teasing her, suggesting it might be poisoned. The entire time Hotei eats the lunch she’s criticizing how the food is prepared. It’s done so well that she once again appears to be jealous of Ebisu. The chapter ends with Hotei thinking about her feelings for Ebisu. What exactly are they? Does she hate her or is it…something else?

Loved the first chapter, it sucked me right in! This definitely isn’t a “wait a few chapters and see” for me. There was a short exchange near the end of the chapter where Ebisu, while giving Hotei her lunch, leans in very close and whisper in her ear. It was definitely a hint-hint for the readers that something is going on inside Ebisu’s head at least. It was a classic move actually. :p Invade someones personal space. Get close to their face and then whisper something. Smile and quickly leave as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. I’ve seen it plenty of times! That’s what’s going on here. Ebisu has the itch! :D

Grade: A+

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  1. Lika Says:

    I want to read this manga til end so bad :~~

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Well keep your eyes open! Hopefully we can get chapter 3 to you as soon as possible. :) Thanks for the comment and please come back to see me again! :)

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