Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 2


In chapter two we get to see Ebisu and Hotei maybe begin to get a little closer. The evil seems to be leaving Hotei and perhaps her kind heart is starting to take over. I was really shocked to see her so evil in chapter 1 as it is.I guess you can’t always judge a book by its cover but she looked so innocent and sweet at first glance. The hate and jealousy and mean acts towards Ebisu really shocked me. There is still a good bit of that in this chapter but it’s seriously toned down and has a sweet ending. :)

It begins with Hotei baking a ton of cookies. Her parents question her. Suggesting that the reason she’s doing all this baking on her day off is that she’s found a “fellow” that she likes. She quickly passes it off as nothing but the return of a favor. The next day at work Hotei returns Ebisu’s lunchbox after cleaning it. There’s also a giant bag of very well made cookies sitting next to it. Hotei suggest to Ebisu that the cookies are for Hana not her. Hana is her niece’s name. Right as Ebisu begins thanking Hotei the manager, Kobayashi, walks in and ask Ebisu about something she’s working on. Kind of killing what looked like the build up to a cute scene.

Hotei begins to realize that as much as she seems to hate Ebisu and have a raging case of jealousy that she’s unable to stop thinking about her. Is the line between hate and love that thin? Once again it’s the fact that Ebisu can raise a small child, do double her work in half the time, seems to be a “company woman” and doesn’t have to work overtime. The rest of the office girls and Hotei are once again gossiping about Ebisu. Hotei starts imitating her and all the rest of the girls love it! She’s doing it perfectly. How rude, Hotei really does act like a child. I’m curious exactly how old she is.

The office girls then tease her and say she must really like Ebisu deep down inside to know her well enough to do the imitation so well. Hotei, blushing, goes in a fit of rage about how much she actually hates Ebisu. Just at that moment Ebisu walks into the room and overhears Hotei. The two of them have a little conversation about hate in the work place after Hotei tries her best to apologize. It seems like Ebisu is genuinely hurt though despite her lax attitude towards the situation.

Kobayashi walks in and informs Ebisu that something she thought was due at the end of the week is due that day! It seems the lines of communication were destroyed because of the office gossip and everyone’s dislike for Ebisu. The girls never informed her that the deadline had been changed. Ebisu has no choice but to work overtime now! What will Hana do? :( Ebisu ask for some help from the girls and then apologizes suggesting it was her fault this happened because she’s made herself so disliked. Hotei crying and upset by this grabs Ebisu’s arm as she begins to walk away. Presumably to tell her that she doesn’t hate her. Before Hotei can talk Ebisu tells her that she’s the one who feels like crying right now and ask Hotei to do her a favor…

Before you know it Hotei is chasing Hana around Ebisu’s house trying to put her underwear on! :D It seems as though Ebisu trust and likes Hotei enough to entrust her niece to her. The favor was obviously to pick her up from the day care center and take care of her until Ebisu could get home. Hotei unware of how much work children actually are seems worn out. Hana on the other hand still seems wide awake! Poor Hotei. I guess she has an even greater respect of Ebisu now. At least I would hope.

Hotei ask Hana if she loves Ebisu, Hana of course says yes. She offers up some food for Hotei’s thought though. She throws the same question back at her. Hotei is instantly confused by the thought that she could love Ebisu. She begins to ponder it and thoughts begins to race through her head and her and Hana doze off in the bed. She’s finally gotten Hana to sleep but in the process worn herself out as well and gone to sleep with Ebisu on her mind once again. Ebisu races through the door claiming a problem with the train had made her even later. As she glances up she realizes that Hana and Hotei are both passed out on the bed. Ebisu sits on the floor next to the bed and goes to sleepwith themĀ  as well. Creating a REALLY cute page. I had to use it for my credits page it was so cute! :)

It seems even after all that nothing has changed at work. At least that what Hotei thinks. Though that’s not really the truth. Perhaps she’s just embarrassed to admit that someone she once hated is actually a really wonderful person. That’s what’s really bothering her. How have things changed? At lunch Hotei ask Ebisu if she’d like to eat lunch together with her. She packed a lunch today instead of going to. The excuse is that she’s saving money, nothing more. In fact I believe she packed it so she could eat with Ebisu. It’s glaringly obvious.

At lunch Ebisu mentions to Hotei that Hana really would love to see her again. Hotei agrees that she’ll come to Ebisu’s house. ONLY to see Hana, nothing more. Yet another excuse. Then she tells Ebisu that while she’s picking up some sweet to bring to Hana that maybe she could pick Ebisu up some of her favorites too, since she’s going to be there and all. Just by chance. You know. (Excuse #3) While all this is going on Ebisu narrates some important stuff. The fact that they’re the same age and so different. How they don’t understand one another. Of course the eternal is this love or hate. Not to mention the cliche is it more confusing because we’re both women. Nothing wrong with the typical thoughts though. They had to come at some point in the story and now is as good a time as any.

While they’re fleshing out the final agreement of Hotei coming to visit Hana and Ebisu someone approaches the scene. It’s Ebisu’s older sister! Wait…why is Ebisu raising Hana then? Hotei mentions that she looks even younger than Ebisu. Maybe she’s not mature enough to have a child? There has to be some circumstance. Unless of course there is another sister in the mix and Ebisu was the more mature of the other two sisters and took Hana? Why is Ebisu seemingly so upset by seeing her sister? Why does she almost have tears in her eyes. What has her sister done to her? I guess we’ll see in chapter 3!

Grade: B

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