Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 3


Time to analyze/review/whatever you want to call it Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 3! The series is picking up a lot of steam and it seems to be very popular. I’m hoping it becomes a long running one. I know there are at least two more chapters after this one. I’m not sure how far it’s actually going to go though. Start out by saying this chapter was a bit more serious and a little less fun than the last two. It wasn’t bad though by any means. Definitely enjoyed it and got a ton of background information and most of my questions answered from the last chapter.

Hotei begins the chapter once again complaining about how much she hates Ebisu. She’s so jealous it drives me nuts! I wish she’d just stop it. Ebisu is so sweet and nice. :( Just after I got done mentioning how this chapter lacked funny moments I’ve been caught in a lie. Ebisu gives Hotei a little scolding about her work that almost reminded me of chapter 1, when Hotei went to visit the main office and was scolded by Ebisu. Just when you start to think that maybe Ebisu should ease up a bit…Ebisu sneaks up on her and presses a a little carton of strawberry ice cream on Hotei’s cheek to praise her for doing extra work! :D Ebisu is a little closed off to her emotions sometimes but little things like this do go to show she has a sweet side to her and she really wants Hotei to be her friend.

As Hotei begins contemplating it seems she has eased away from using the hate word so much and the jealousy is starting to simmer down. Both were still present in the opening, but it’s easing. Instead of mentioning how bad it has been since Ebisu arrived at her office, she decides to instead say how “weird” she’s felt since Ebisu has arrived. Hmmm… IMPURE THOUGHTS HOTEI? :D

Back at work it seems the company will be closing a branch. It seems Hotei and Ebisu’s branch is going to take all their customers. Ebisu has been put in charge of creating a team to get the job done. Likely because she’s had managerial experience, or at least experience with big projects when she was at the main office. Hotei and the rest of the office gossip girls discuss it and don’t seem very pleased that they could end up working under her. Why, I don’t know. She’s not that bad. X_X

Later on Hotei begins questioning Ebisu, almost nervously. She starts prying for information about the whole issue with her sister. How will she manage such a big project and take care of Hana. Did her sister come back to take Hana. That no one will accept her management if she adds them to her new team. After she’s done playing 50 questions, Ebisu emphatically tells Hotei that Hana will remain under her care. She claims that her sister is unreliable. No way can she count on her. If it were my sister she’d be getting a frying pan over the head…there’s nothing wrong with her and she can’t raise he own kid?!

Ebisu tells her not to worry, that she’ll handle everything herself. I believe she means the work project as well. Hotei, seemingly worried about not only Hana but Ebisu as well goes off on a tirade about not trying to do everything yourself. She’s worried Ebisu’s health could suffer if she doesn’t accept some help from someone. She lets Ebisu know that she’s there for her. How sweet. :p

You know where this is going right? The last time Ebisu asked for help from Hotei…what happened? Well it appears she asked for it again. I’m not sure if it was the first night or several nights into Hotei picking up Hana and taking her home while Ebisu worked or not, but it happens like this. Hotei and Hana head in the house (Ebisu’s) and there’s a surprise guest sleeping on the couch…It’s none other than Ebisu’s big sister!

She is indeed Hana’s mother and there’s absolutely no reason why she couldn’t raise her own daughter except for the fact that she’s a worthless mother it seems. She’s childish, obnoxious and has no sense of motherly nature to her at all. She ruins the meal Hotei is preparing, has Hana still awake by the time Ebisu gets home and then proceeds to tell her that she’s only letting Ebisu borrow Hana. That really seems to stab Ebisu right in the heart. It irritates Hotei as well. Hotei interrupts the conversation and really lays down how she feels about Ebisu to her older sister. She stands up for her. Something I never expected. I think in that situation I would probably have been exiting stage right. :D

Later, on the porch at Ebisu’s apartment (I think!) Ebisu thanks Hotei for standing up for her and then proceeds to explain the whole story. It seems her older sister has always been the favorite. She dropped out of college and left. When she returned home she was pregnant with Hana and no one knows who the father is. (SLUT!) She says her sister’s life is in total chaos and she seemingly just left Hana in Ebisu’s care except for the occasional visit. She then goes on to explain how before she had Hana she was almost inhuman. She cared about nothing but work. Now, she’s able to meet such a sweet and honest person like Hotei because of Hana. SWEET AND HONEST? She’s been so nasty to Ebisu at times though. :( Hotei seems to be struggling with the sweet and honest comment as much as I am. :D

Back in the house I presume? Ebisu’s still nameless older sister appears on the scene. She questions Hotei about her relationship with Ebisu and she seems to be implying that some sort of romantic involvement or thoughts are involved. Hotei gets upset about it, because they’re both women (Oh no, not two women! How terrible!). The thought of it upsets her. That’s likely because she’s having an internal battle with it. Out of the blue Ebisu’s older sister plants a serious kiss on an unsuspecting Hotei. :o Ebisu walks in right as it happens and “saves” Hotei from her sister. Ebisu, seemingly enraged at her sister, chases her out of the room. She then proceeds to explain to Hotei not to worry about it…it was just a joke. Saying that her sister takes jokes too far sometimes.

Hotei seems confused and upset at the same time. Maybe upset with herself because of how kissing another girl made her feel? Ebisu keeps pleading with her not to worry about it, that they’re both women so it’s insignificant. Hotei still noticeably upset tells Ebisu that it’s not her right to say what matters and what doesn’t. Saying she doesn’t have the right to tell her what’s significant and what’s not! Now for the shocking cliff hanger! Ebisu leans in on Hotei and kisses her! She’s trying to prove a point it would seem. Two girls kissing is meaningless, but the look on Hotei face doesn’t say so!

I enjoyed the chapter. Some random ranting thoughts follow. We play with a couple of women raising a child, I’m curious if the sister will step back out of the picture and the two of them share responsibility raising Hana. Even if Hotei does it in a much smaller role than Ebisu. Maybe a little three way love triangle has begun to form? It appears the older sister isn’t shy about her feelings for girls and lesbian relationships. She also called Hotei cute! Hotei is so obviously crushing on Ebisu it is getting ridiculous. I don’t think Hotei is angry that the older sister actually kissed her. I think she’s angry because Ebisu doesn’t see the possibility of two girls being together. At least not openly. She’s not really suggesting that the kiss was meaningful because it was the older sister, only that it could be meaningful between two girls. Namely Ebisu and her.  She still seem to be struggling with the idea herself though and doesn’t seem like she knows where she going with her thoughts just yet. Expect this release soon on the Lililicious site. I can’t wait for chapter 4!

Grade: A

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  1. anrora Says:

    I reely love this manga! When will be release og ch=4 and 5?

  2. Sachiko Says:

    I love it too! I don’t think we have any set date on a release just yet. I am working on both chapters 4 and 5 right now though. :) We’ll have them ready just as soon as we can. :) Thanks for the comment!

  3. anrora Says:

    Thanks for your work, Sachiko!

  4. Sachiko Says:

    You’re very welcome. :) Thanks for reading, anrora!

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