Love DNA XX Chapter 3


Kind of a real throw away chapter in my opinion. We see in the beginning that the Etoiles are likely the children of government officials. Government positions are now inherited by birth right not election. Meaning some of these girls will become officials at a later point in their lives. Nothing much happened this chapter beyond Aoi showing how physically strong she is. In martial arts class she beat all her student opponents easily and then defeated the instructor quite convincingly. It seems the girls are almost starting to become fans of Aoi after that and her smarts in class. It was interesting to see a little on the EVEs. A “couple” at that. The head of the EVEs (yet to be confirmed, just a guess) Erika, seems to be spying or gathering information on Aoi. Not sure what the point of that is or where it’s going. Erika and another EVE have a little kissing scene, it’s passed off as a “reward” for gathering information on Aoi. Sakura continues to ponder who Aoi reminds her of. The chapter ends with a ball. Aoi was not aware of the ball and shows up in her normal school uniform. Kinoko rescues her and rushes off with Aoi to let her borrow her spare dress uniform. We find out that once a month there is a ball, a way for ADAMs and EVEs to mingle among one another. The preview for chapter 4 suggest that Aoi will likely get to meet some EVEs soon. I’m going to guess that chapter 4 will be about the ball. It’s due out on the 14th of this month. Look forward to the real of chapter 3 very soon!

Not happy with this chapter. I was expecting more. This reminded me of the obligatory beach episode in so many animes and mangas. I guess it wasn’t that bad…but I was really disappointed. We’ll just call it a setup chapter to avoid saying too many bad things about it! Chapter 4 better be good!

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