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It has been so long since I actually sat down and watched a new (to me) anime. I have decided that with finals coming up all next week I should probably relax, zone out and clear my mind of anything stressful. Hence the art lately, the anime watching and my lack of anything productive outside of adding to my post counts on message boards and keeping up with my social networking! Mothers day wasn’t the best of days for me. I guess that’s the norm for me though. As hard as I try to fight it I can’t always keep my guard up. It gets exhausting bottling it all up and as much ad I don’t want to admit it, eventually it does spew out. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to deal with their death?

I actually managed to marathon two series, one a night, in the past two days! The first was Serial Experiments Lain. I’ve been meaning to watch it for sooooo long! I actually watched the first episode quite awhile ago but never continued watching because I heard it was one to be marathoned because of the complexity and open ended nature of it. So I started from the beginning last night and went all the way through episode 13. I have to say, I was very impressed. When it comes to thought provoking I think it belong right up there with Evangelion. Which I hold is a VERY high regard. The originality of SEL was quite apparent too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it, or even close for that matter. I doubt I ever will either. I guess that could be seen as both good and bad? For just a split second I thought I saw some you-know-what too, my yuri goggles were glowing fire red. Lain was in love with Arisu, proven by what she tried to do for her and then by admission. Not to mention the whole watching her masturbate thing (Even though that was originally considered the wired Lain) and the hugging? I did end up deciding to pitch the goggles and go with the opened end idea. I think Lain realized that she loved all humans just as much as she loved Arisu by the end. Arisu was just the first person she realized it about and it all flowed at her for a period of time. I even ended up with a super happy ending! Really recommend this series for anybody who likes to think.

My next marathon is definitely not for people who like to think! :D It watched all 13 episodes of Kanamemo. I enjoyed it as a “relaxer” and something fun. People seem to get so tied up in every single series to try and find the rights and wrongs. What ever happened to watching something for the heck of it, shutting your brain off, and enjoying it? Take it for what it is, so to speak. Don’t expect to have an epiphany or see anything groundbreaking when you watch it. It’s a cute, quick moving series about a group of girls who work for a newspaper. The main character is a middle school student named Kana who has lost her family and finds a job with the paper company in exchange for a place to stay and a paycheck. The loli in it wasn’t really my thing, though not overly disgusting to where I wanted to turn it off. In fact I had a hard time looking away. If you removed Haruka from the series I actually think it would have been much improved. She’s the stereotypical loli stalker and offers up her constant pervert attacks. I did like her being drunk all the time though so it balanced her out. Definitely not something I had expected to see. :D I think it pretty much hit the spot for what I wanted out of it. I didn’t come in with any preconceptions that I would be watching the greatest yuri of all time. If you’re looking for some smiles, lots of cute moments, a few life lessons and a little head shaking embarrassment then I say go for it. If the loli thing is turning you off, don’t let it. I didn’t.

Random thoughts of the night

  • Speaking of the name Haruka…How did I miss the Haruka Tomatsu album?
  • The SEL opening song is by a group called Bôa from Europe. Not the same BoA you would expect it to be. At first I was like O_o…this isn’t BoA…?
  • I think I’ll look into the Kanamemo manga. It seems like the anime could have gone on forever. Even had characters been switched out after they graduated and it could have kept the same pace going for a long time.

6 Responses to “Anime Watching”

  1. wingberg Says:

    ARIA is a good anime if you like calm, relaxed. It has nice art and scenery

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Oh, definitely! I LOVED ARIA. It’s right up there with Marimite for me. :) I’m watching something similar in Sketchbook Full Color’S. You should check it out if you liked ARIA. (Unless you’ve seen it already. :p)

  3. yurigirl Says:

    I’ve watched Kanamemo 5 times already. I love Haruka especially on the episode where Kana wanted to buy a diary and she needed 1,000 plus yen for it. She was hilarious! I have the manga but the story is pretty much the same as the anime. ;)

    I just finished watching Noir and Madlax. Have you seen them? Although they were both created by Bee Train, I liked Noir better. At least it has a happy ending. Madlax has a better story but the ending was sad. I cried when Vanessa and Elenore died.

    I haven’t seen Serial Experiments Lain yet and I heard there’s a bit of yuri in it. Is that true? Anyway, next on my watch list is Steel aAgel Karumi, Devilman Lady and Murder Princess.

  4. Sachiko Says:

    She’s is pretty funny! That was so cute how they gave her the extra money to buy it. :)

    I’ve seen parts of Noir but never from start to finish! I’ve always wanted to watch it, maybe I’ll add it to my list. :) K-On! is next. I was going to watch it last night but put it off for hopefully tonight. :)

    With SEL…I don’t know how to describe that really? It’s open ended and you can take the main characters love for her best friend as it I suppose. There are trace amount of it and I think it really depends on what the ending actually means to you. :) Very-very complex series.

  5. Kip Says:

    Denno Coil is one series I would seriously recommend even though it’s a story about kids. I’d say it’s somewhat thought-provoking as well, but not as dark as Eva.

    Some cheese towards the end, and disregarding the bias here, I reckon there is definitely a hint of shoujo-ai ness.

  6. Sachiko Says:

    Added to my list. Thank you for the suggestion, Kip! :)

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