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Well, I have to say, I was actually quite surprised to end up editing the final chapter of Aqua Blue Cinema. Pleasantly surprised of course! Anyone who reads my blog or knows me probably knows that Hiyori Otsu is my favorite! It also ended up being my 150th milestone edit for Lililicious! Kind of fitting in my mind! I’m already up to 151. -_- 49 to go for the next milestone! :D I’m going to assume you’re already a reader of Aqua Blue Cinema and not backtrack through the first five chapters. If you have not read them, go for it. It’s an amazingly cute little story, despite me thinking it needed at LEAST another chapter. You can pick it up right here.

It seems Mizuki’s plotting and scheming has continued! She’s pretty evil, even though she has a big smile. >.> When Tae meets her, Mizuki tells her that she wants Tae to quit as Yui’s personal assistant! She says that she can do a better job supporting Yui by getting back together with her. More or less implying that Tae isn’t good enough! :o Terrible! The next morning Tae fails to tell Yui that she met with Mizuki, pretending as if nothing has happened.

Tae is obviously shaken by the talk with Mizuki. Both Satake and Yui notice. When Yui presses the issue, Tae ask her if it would be alright to pay her back later. She wants to quit and return home from Tokyo. A complete shock to Yui’s system! By now I think we’re all quite aware that Yui’s feelings for Tae are more than she lets on. Dejectedly, she tells Tae that it’s fine and that paying her back isn’t even important anymore. Yui then leaves to rent a hotel for the night. She’s is under the impression Tae doesn’t want to be around he because she found out about her dating Mizuki.

Tae thinks it’s the right thing to leave. She actually feels useless to Yui and if anything that she’s just dragging her down. She’s been talked into believing it by Mizuki. Yui returns home to find Tae already gone and a note on the table expressing her admiration for Yui. [Remember that, ONLY admiration.] The dastardly Mizuki arrives while Yui is wallowing! She’s invited in and tries to manipulate Yui into take her back. Yui thankfully refuses. She explains to Mizuki why it can’t work. The two of them then have a nice little chat where Yui finds out about the conversation that Mizuki had with Tae and realizes exactly what happened! Ah-hah, now it’s all so clear. :)

Tae, back in school is paid a visit from Yui. Where? The rock cliff they met on of course! Tae is visibly upset about the possibility of never SEEING Yui again. Just then Yui shows up to save the day! Jokingly telling her not to jump! As payback for the original meeting when Tae thought Yui was going to jump to her death and ended up knocking her in to creating the whole story more or less. Yui arrives, abruptly confesses her love for Tae, who seems delighted and the two walk the beach making plans to spend the rest of their life together. O_o… WHAT?

That was a little random for me. It feels like it’s missing about a chapter or two between chapters 5 and 6.  I don’t recall at any time Tae mentioning or hinting that she was in love with Yui or that she even liked women? She said “Is there really anything wrong with liking girls?” in chapter 5. I didn’t take that as a rhetorical question, but I guess it could have been. They slept holding hands that night…using that as the foundation is really reaching. I would have liked to see at the least one chapter building up to the confession, maybe a little incite on Tae’s feelings other than her admitting being a fan of Yui. Kind of disappointed with the whole skipping along happily and then falling down a manhole feeling the ending gave me. I’m not going to call it a “don’t read” though! How could I possibly call a happy ending like this a don’t read? Gobble it up, just don’t expect to get too full. :)

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  1. wingberg Says:

    oh oh! gimme the scans pls…

  2. yurigirl Says:

    I saw the raws when I posted it to my blog today. I knew Yui chose Tae. Yes! Finally a happy ending. I was worried at first because Otsu Hiyori’s stories (he’s also my fave mangaka) doesn’t always have a happy ending. But I’m glad I read the summary here.

    I’m be looking forward to read the scanlated version. Hopefully, Lililicious will post them tonight ;)

  3. Sachiko Says:

    @wingberg: I can’t just yet. :p Just a little bit longer! :)

    @yurigirl: MOST of the stuff I’ve done has been pretty super happy at the end. I LOVED the Clover series. I had the pleasure of doing the whole thing. This should probably get posted within the day or so. :) New Sweet Blue Flowers soon too! :o I worked on that earlier this morning/afternoon. :)

  4. Artforlife Says:

    Thanks for the review ! I can’t wait for Lililicious to release the chapter ! That’s such a pity it’s already ending. This manga had a lot of potential left, it could really have last longer I think…
    Aah, Sweet blue flowers is getting very interesting, hope it’ll be out soon ! :)
    Btw, I love your blog, I’m following it ( from France ) for a while now. Good job ! ;)

  5. Sachiko Says:

    @Artforlife: You’re very welcome! :) Sorry it isn’t out yet! I guess I jumped the gun a bit. ^_^ I expected it to be released by now. I guess the bosses are busy this weekend. x_x; I really think it needed at least one more chapter. It could have been stretched for several more in fact.

    Thank you! I really have fun working on it and now that I do have people reading it’s even more fun. :) Thanks for commenting as well! I love to hear other peoples opinions on things I want to talk about. ;)

    Now back to studying I go! Oh joy. >.<

  6. Kip Says:

    I read Aqua Blue Cinema for the first time yesterday and missed the mental-time-jump as well re: Tae’s feeling for Yui. That said, I really liked how the story went and hope that the mangaka will do an extra chapter at some point – much like the one he did for Clover.

    Life is so normal and peaceful in his stories.

  7. Sachiko Says:

    I really love the relaxing stories and the happy endings Otsu usually provides. I wouldn’t mind seeing an extra of how they’re doing a bit later in their relationships. I don’t think there’s really any way to fix the giant hole that now exist within the story now.

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