Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 4


Ah, finally Ebisu-san and Hotei-san chapter 4! I’ve been waiting for a real translation to replace my make-shift one. ^_^ I recently got a comment about chapter 4, interesting I got the script to do it today! Coincidence I suppose.

Now that Hotei has been kissed by Ebisu’s sister and Ebisu it seems things have gotten very odd at work. Hotei keeps thinking over the “meaningless” kiss, struggling with the idea of it being meaningless. To her it wasn’t. The new system Ebisu implemented at the office has everyone in an uproar. They all think it’s going to make their life harder when in fact it has only made Ebisu’s life harder and theirs easier. Once again, she’s being selfless.

Hotei thinks hasn’t had much time to speak with Ebisu lately. It seems she has been piled with so much work that she’s even taking it home so she can still leave on time to pick up Hana. Hotei approaches Ebisu to speak with her in the office and she’s brushed off. It seems Ebisu has tried to push their friendship back to a co-worker level. Hotei leans in close and whisper to Ebisu that she’ll start picking up Hana for her until the current project she’s working on is over. Ebisu tries to speak with Hotei, but she rushes out of the room, ignoring Ebisu’s plea.

Hotei arrives at Ebisu’s apartment and finds the sister lounging, as usual. The place is an absolute mess! The sister begins blaming Ebisu for the mess, the fact that she’s been eating instant foods. She keeps going on about Ebisu until Hotei blows a gasket. She goes off on the sister about doing things herself because she’s a grown woman. She then proceeds to tell her that she causes Ebisu nothing but trouble. The nasty side of Hotei shines through again as she lets loose and slaps the sister in the face! :O

Ebisu’s sister, angered, jumps to her feet and tells Hotei to mind her own business. She wants to know just who Hotei thinks she is to Ebisu and why she feels obligated to say such things. She basically told her to mind her own business.

Ebisu arrives home later that night, completely trashed drunk. She falls down in the foyer trying to take her shoes off and says she’s going to sleep. Ebisu wants to check on Hana but Hotei refuses, probably for the best. Hotei goes to retrieve a glass of water for her. When she returns, she finds Ebisu on the couch with all her clothes and makeup on.

The two then begin a serious conversation. Ebisu wants to know why Hotei is so nice to her. She tells her that she’s only a co-worker, and wants to know why she’s going out of her way. Hotei can’t believe Ebisu think she’s nice (neither can I!). Hotei begins confessing some of the stuff she has done to Ebisu. The hiding of the shoes, the tampering with her work, all the jealous envy she had for Ebisu. Ebisu brushes it off as nothing and then has a confession of her own… The first time she met Hotei, she didn’t like her! There sure is a lot of caring going around for two people who don’t like each other.

Hotei mistakes what she said as meaning when Ebisu transferred into the local office. Ebisu clarifies; she means the time Hotei came to the main branch to file a report! That’s the very same encounter that put a bad taste in Hotei mouth. She then goes on to say that she thought Hotei was only trying to get by on looks and that she didn’t care about her job. She basically suggest that she was jealous of Hotei because she was cute and purposely embarrassed her in front of everyone for it. Ebisu apologizes and then blacks out for good this time… What a lush.

Hotei seems unconcerned with anything Ebisu just said to her. She’s more worried about the fact that Ebisu remembered their first meeting and cared even more that she called her cute. (SHALLOW) With Ebisu out cold Hotei decides to take her jacket off so it doesn’t get wrinkled. In the middle of that, she suddenly goes down Ebisu’s shirt with her hand and appears to be rubbing her breast…or feeling her heartbeat. >.> Whatever works for you. She then leans in slowly to kiss Ebisu on the lips. As she gets closer and closer her heart begins to race. Right a she gets to Ebisu’s lips Hotei backs away and decides that she can’t do it!

The thought of Ebisu’s sister taking advantage of her in the previous chapter crossed her mind. She decided she would be no better than her if she took advantage of Ebisu while she was passed out drunk. Ebisu upset by what she just did/almost did has another fit and begins crying after tearing herself up on the inside…thankfully as the chapter ends, she comes to the realization that she is in fact in love with Ebisu.

I enjoyed this chapter! The fight with the sister was unexpected. The nerve of someone to slap another human like that, over something that simple. See, I’ve been saying all along Hotei isn’t a nice person! (She’s actually a bitch! lol) I’ll side with the sister on this one, it was really none of her business. I guess she owed her a bit for the kiss though. She should have done it right away, if it upset her that much. I don’t like Ebisu coming home wasted like that either. If I had a small child at home that would never happen, trustworthy sitter or not. I guess it says something about how much she actually trusts Hotei though? It was probably written in to give Hotei a good chance to take advantage of her though. I don’t expect it to be habitual or anything.

I found it really interesting to learn that the whole reason Hotei disliked Ebisu is because Ebisu had the same feelings for her, jealousy and envy. Two wrongs make a right I guess? Last thing I want to touch on. Groping Ebisu while in a drunken state AND blacked out? Could her character problems be any worse? I understand she’s struggling with new feelings and they seem to be very intense, but that’s no excuse for such an act. I’m still hoping she can get her character issues together in this series so she doesn’t end up hurting Ebisu. She seems like she could become toxic with the situations a serious relationship would present to her.

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  1. Erin Says:

    I think Ebisu was pressured to drink by her bosses–there is a whole cultural thing where NOT going drinking with your boss/co-workers shows that you don’t care about the company. Add to that the fact that she has been skipping some meals to get more work done and that she might not have had a high alcohol tolerance to begin with, and it’s no surprise that she was both exhausted and drunk by the time she came home.
    The slap and the groping were definitely unacceptable, but I was cheering for Hotei when she told Ebisu’s sister off.
    By the way, chapter 5 is the final chapter.

  2. Sachiko Says:

    If only that were the culture here. I could be the best employee ever. :D

    Just like the slap, she did it in front of Hana. That’s unacceptable.

    Really? :( That sucks! I was hoping it would go on for awhile.

  3. Erin Says:

    lol. I thought you didn’t drink anymore?
    I forgot that Hana was there. You’re right, that’s not okay.
    Yeah, a few more chapters would have been nice. But I’m looking forward to whatever their next series is, too!

  4. Sachiko Says:

    I did, but that would give me an excuse. ;) lol I guess there’s always that! :) I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be great. :)

  5. wingberg Says:

    i like your review. is there any chance, you’ll do octave as well?

  6. Sachiko Says:


    Well, I stopped editing it several chapters ago. I did one chapter after I stopped working with TranquilSpring, but I really don’t have much affiliation with it anymore accept just being a reader and a fan. :) I try to only blog about series I work on here. Though sometimes it spills over into anime, my art and other things. ^_^

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