Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 5


The final chapter of Ebisu-san and Hotei-san. :( Already? I hate to see it go, but I’m not at all disappointed with it.

The chapter begins with Ebisu seducing Hotei…as she leans in to kiss her…BAM! It was all a dream. :D How expected. It was a funny way to start the chapter none the less. Now that Hotei is well aware of how she feels it seems like she much less vindictive towards Ebisu and I like that a lot.

Hotei has been noting that Ebisu hasn’t been speaking with her much and it’s really bothering her. She thinks as a friend she can clearly tell something is wrong, and she’s right. We jump right into another Hotei and Ebisu’s sister scene. Get the boxing gloves! (Not really.) It looks like after their little shouting match and the slap things have gotten a whole lot better between the two of them. They have a heart to heart about Ebisu and how she’s been extra stressed lately. The sister tells Hotei that the reason Ebisu doesn’t have a boyfriend is because she slept with them all…because she loves Ebisu? lol How nice of her! She explains it by saying that if the guy was unfaithful enough to cheat on Ebisu then they weren’t good enough for her sister… I guess I can see it. I don’t know if that’s the type of love I would be seeking from my sister though. :D Hotei also explains to her that even if she doesn’t realize it, Ebisu does love her just as much. It doesn’t seem like the sister ever realized it until that very moment.

At work Ebisu returns to her normal office desk, next to Hotei, after asking the bosses if it was alright to stop doing overtime. Why? So she can get off in time to take care of Hana. But Hotei is taking care of Hana, right? Not anymore. Ebisu ask Hotei to stop coming to her house for good. :( Hotei goes into a rant about her missing out on another opportunity because she has to cover for her sister. A common theme continues to appear. “What does Ebisu want to do?” Hotei, in the middle of her rant, suddenly ask Ebisu to move in with her. O_o…WHAT?

As Ebisu stares at her in disbelief, Hotei explains how meeting Mayo has changed her life. It has made her want to do something more with herself and to become a person that someone else can rely on. She wants Ebisu to move to Tokyo with her, Hana and her sister and take the job at the main office. Ebisu then explains why she asked Hotei to stop helping her. She only said it because she thought it was becoming a burden on Hotei. Awww… :)

After some narration we jump to a park. Ebisu and Hotei are sitting on a bench while Hana and her mother go off to play. Ebisu is noticeably happier than she’s been through the entire series. Ebisu mentions that her sister has calmed down since they moved to Tokyo and gives the credit to Hotei. She humbly directs the thanks back to Ebisu for allowing her to live in such a nice place with her for such low rent. Hotei says that she has everything she needs now. I’ll assume that also includes Ebisu, Hana and maybe to a point the sister as well. She never says it, though.

Ebisu inquires about her sister and if she’s been bothering Hotei. It seems like she hasn’t. Hotei says that she knows how to deal with her now. She also goes on to say that Ebisu’s sister plays with her and Hana and helps cook while Ebisu is at work. :) Then Ebisu starts talking about her sister stealing everyone she ever loved. Ebisu looks at Hotei and subtly mentions that if she makes any passes to ignore them. Shrimp Mayo gets up and gives us a first and a last coy smirk as she walks away to go find Hana and her sister. It doesn’t quite strike Hotei right away what Ebisu just said. In not so many words she just admitted her love for her. As she realizes, she jumps up to chase after Ebisu and she ponders their relationship and where it’s going and the hard road ahead of them both…END :)

I like the way it was left open-ended. It’s kind of a different ending from your typical “Oh, I love you so much! *kiss/hug*” I thought it was neat to see Ebisu’s true colors in the last few pages. I guess the theme of “What does Ebisu want to do?” really played a part in that. She was doing what she had to do, which obviously doesn’t make many people content. Now that she’s able to do what she wants, to move up in the business world, it seems a great weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Plus the fact that she now has someone who she can trust with Hana at all times and her sister seems to be maturing. Having Hotei around for her probably doesn’t hurt matters either. :) This is a MUST READ for any fan of the genre.

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  1. yurigirl Says:

    Final chapter already? Why? ;(

    Anyway, It wasn’t the kind of ending I was expecting. I wanted for Ebisu to show the same affection as Hotei gave to her. But it’s all good ;).

    I can’t wait to read the last chapter. Thanks for the review.

  2. Sachiko Says:

    I don’t know :( I would have liked to have seen it go on, too. I was expecting something much different for the ending, but I felt satisfied with it. Unlike Aqua Blue Cinema. I think you’ll like it. :)

  3. Sapphire Says:

    Hey there Sachiko! Wow this place has really changed since I was last here! FAB work!! My alias was Sapphired-Eclipse but I changed it. (LONG STORY & I commented about your rendering of Sachiko a while back.)

    Alright off I go to check out the rest of your blog and your art! btw at one point I wanted to be a graphic artist. Ganbatte and thanks for the scanlating! You rock!

  4. Sachiko Says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. :) I do remember your post! Thanks for coming back. :)

  5. Kip Says:

    I just finished reading this series and loved it, very much. I can’t decide if I wanted it to continue on to Chapter 6 (or some extras) because despite Ebisu’s hint right at the end, it would have been nice to get that few extra pages instead of the rather open-ended conclusion – which sort of reminded me of the Utena (TV) ending. Sadly, no fanfiction to fill the gaps here for such a short series I’m guessing.

    I hope many others will read it as well. Comedy and drama and romance are a triple K-O combo.

    Thank you for doing such an amazing job with the scanlating – it was captured perfectly.

    p/s: I think this series is a new standard for these two authors compared to some of their previous work. Fingers crossed that they’ll produce something of this quality in 2010.

  6. Sachiko Says:

    I’d like to see an extra. I did kind of enjoy the open-ended conclusion, but I want more! :)

    Thanks for the kind words. I really did enjoy working on it. Like you mentioned, I think they really outdid themselves with this series. I hope they can continue as well. It seems like with such a great concept they would have tried to continue it a bit more given the new-found success.

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