It seems somehow my computer caught a virus last week. I guess it enabled someone to steal my passwords and infect my blog with a virus that would try to spread to my readers. Sorry to anyone who wasn’t able to access the site or was getting virus warnings from here. It wasn’t me, I promise. :D I’ve fixed my computer and taken steps to prevent it from happening to the blog again.

On a happier note, I’ll be heading out of town Tuesday morning. I don’t expect to be online much, if at all. I will have my laptop with me though so if I manage to pickup a signal somewhere I’ll try to check in. I plan to be home Friday evening at the latest and If all goes well I’ll be extremely happy when I return. :)

4 Responses to “Information”

  1. Sapphire Says:

    I’m glad you got that all sorted out!

    Good luck with whatever you have ahead of you on this trip!! I wish you the best!

  2. yurigirl Says:

    Sorry to hear that. That’s really scary.. I hope that won’t happen to me ;(..

    Anyway, I’m glad you got you blog back.. Hope to read more of your reviews in the future.

  3. Sachiko Says:

    It was. :( I was worried I lost all my posts too, thankfully I didn’t. I’ve backed them all up to just in case! I did find a bunch of plugin things to prevent stuff like this with wordpress. So maybe we’ll be all right now. :)

    Thanks! I appreciate you coming by so much. ^_^ At least I know somebody is reading my blog besides me. :p

  4. Sachiko Says:

    Thanks! Me too. *sweatdrop* I did not want to lose all my blog posts! :p It scared me into backing everything up though, so I guess something positive came from it. :)

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