Love DNA XX Chapter 4


Much better chapter! I thought the third was the worst one yet. Thankfully things didn’t continue going down hill. The introduction of the EVEs really added some character to what was starting to become a very boring story.

When we left off the last time Aoi was never informed of the formal ball and was off to change into the appropriate attire for ADAMs. We pick up with her getting dressed and heading there with Mushroom. What’s the big deal, it’s just a formal meeting right? Wrong! Sword fighting duels galore! It seems it’s a way among the ADAMs to prove their manliness (does wordpress have an indifferent smiley? -_-). After proving it, the winner in turns gets to dance with the EVE it seems.

Guess who’s the talk of the ball? Aoi of course! She’s new and there are all kind of rumors still flying about how she defeated Onigawara. She doesn’t seem very interested in socializing though. She runs into (literally) and meets a sweet and seemingly clumsy EVE named Momiji. Who I think is unbelievably cute, that’s beside the point though. Moments later the two crash into one another again! This time it’s more the doing of Momiji’s friend than her clumsiness though. Her friend, Kurara, thinks Momiji is interested in Aoi and shoves her off to go see “him”. Aoi, as usual come sup with a not so sweet nickname for her. “Four-eyes” because of her glasses.

Momiji then shyly begins to ask Aoi to dance and is interrupted by the grand entrance of Erika-sama! She’s the EVE from the previous chapter. It appears she’s the envy of everyone. The most popular and probably the most socially powerful in the school. She’s also engaged to Sakura. The first person Aoi crashed into (chapter 1). Erika walks directly over to Aoi and begins a conversation. Everyone seems shocked, as if it’s a great honor to speak with her. Erika mentions that Sakura has told her about Aoi. The old “Any friend of X is a friend of mine.” is exchanged and a dance is offered by Erika to Aoi. LOOK OUT!

*crash* Guess who? Momiji once again has taken a tumble, three times in just what seems like a few short minutes. :D This time it’s not a harmless fall though. Momiji bringing Erika a drink falls down and into her, spilling the drink all over her dress. Erika in turn insults her and shows a very nasty side of her personality. Not that I had expected Erika to be very kind or sweet… Infuriated by the comment towards Momiji, Aoi picks her up off the floor and declines Erika’s dance. She tells Erika that she has already promised Momiji to dance. Erika, probably humiliated that everyone else saw her get turned down begins insulting Aoi and hear dead parents. Exposing information about her upbringing that was probably personal…

The situation begins to escalate and the two are near a fight when Sakura burst onto the scene! She gets in front of Erika to defend her. It looks like Aoi will have her wish next chapter, a duel with an Etoile.

Waaaaaaaay better chapter. I actually enjoyed it thoroughly. Hopefully the upswing continues. Not so much looking forward to the duel next chapter because I’m certain there will be loads of sound effects to annoy me while editing. I am looking forward to Momiji though. Is she just going to be a one time occasional character used for the simple purpose of giving Aoi someone to defend? Maybe their relationship can develop? I have a feeling this is going to be ADAM/ADAM (Aoi/Sakura) to portray the “against the grain” idea. We’ll see though. Time will tell where this goes. The trial period I was giving this has just about run its course and I’m going to change the thumbs down to a thumbs up and suggest a read. If nothing else to see where it goes and how the relationships will grow.

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  1. Kip Says:

    When I first looked at the series, I wasn’t keen as the whole concept seemed rather silly. However, now that Chapter 4 is out, and the story has developed, I am actually looking forward to Chapter 5.

    Agree that it will most likely be an Adam/Adam direction, given that there is a hint of Eve/Eve ness about it already with that Eve Etoile(who reminds of Nanami)

    Just a thought: what if Momiji (without her glasses) turns out to be the shadow Etoile queen?

    p/s: One day I’ll stop peppering my replies with references to Utena.

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Neither was I. In fact after the first few chapters I was about to give up on it. My opinion has changed after chapter 4. Instead of waiting for it to get interesting I’m now waiting to see what happens next.

    She does remind me of Nanami. :D

    Shadow Etoile queen? Maybe I’m not remembering something, which chapter was it from?

    It’s okay, everybody loves Utena. :)

  3. Kip Says:

    Thanks for your patience :)

    And my bad there. I was sort of thinking of Momiji as Anthy – more to her than meets the eye – but upon re-reading, I think I just had the wrong sort of goggles on.

    This is probably a taboo question, but is there any hint as to how many chapters this story might reach by the end?

  4. Sachiko Says:

    Ah! I see. Yeah I didn’t get that from her, but I guess anything is possible. :)

    Not that I know of. As slow developing as it has been I would expect at least 10+

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