Princess Sakura, Showered with Blossoms


It’s 2AM, the night/morning before I take my last exam of the semester. Why am I awake you ask? I’m not sure, I can’t sleep. Shocker, I know right? I just watched a few episode of K-On!! (that’s the second season, two exclamation marks). I guess I’ll just blog about my latest Lili edit instead since it was so cute. Oh, don’t forget to check Kanamemo out too! I’ve thrown like the whole thing on my back to revive it! They’re short and very simple to edit, so I managed to get several of them done/near done the past couple days when I could find free time. Maybe I’ll blog them too?

Princess Sakura, Showered with Blossoms is a really cute story (I already said that once, right?). It has a really neat old-school movie feel to it for me. It’s about a Cherry Blossom tree who wishes to God that it can take on a human form to have a chance at a girl who the tree has fallen in love with. God grants the wish under one condition…She must take the form of a female and still make the girl fall in love with her or her human form will wither away and crumble.

First let’s introduce Fubuki, the Princesses personal attendant. Much like a personal knight it would seem. She arrives at a gathering only to find out that the Princess who she guards with her life is set to be wed off to someone of a neighboring province! Their province is having a hard time and without the help of this rich husband may not make it! Fubuki seems less than pleased about this, and unable to believe the Princess will agree.

Enter Princess Sakura, our second character. It seems like Fubuki knows her quite well. The Princess tells her father to refuse the wedding offer. She won’t be wed off for money like some cheap harlot! She stomps off with Fubuki at her hip. It would seem she doesn’t leave the Princess side very often. They’ve been friends since they were children and grew up together. They’ve become extremely close because of this, to the point where it’s probably a little more than friendship.

Fubuki keeps having a flashback of the Princess coming out of a cherry tree. She can’t seem to get the image out of her mind and begins researching the Princess birth in the library. After a bit she’s satisfied with the birth records and decides there’s no way that a tree could come to life and then implant fake memories in everyone’s mind to become a Princess.

Later on the Princess questions Fubuki about spending so much time in the library. This goes on while Fubuki is helping her change. Sakura then proceeds to ask Fubuki why she was born a woman. She wishes she had been born a man so she could have married Fubuki. The whole time of course Fubuki is blushing and obviously not disagreeing with anything. There’s definitely more than friendship there from the start. Suddenly, in the middle of their cuddle-fest, Sakura ask Fubuki to run away from the castle with her!

Of course they left. What kind of story would this be if they didn’t? The two approach a old town. It looks run down and nearly abandoned. Sakura ask what it is and Fubuki explains that they had a harsh winter and the people were unable to make it. Sakura thinks back to the offer she had to help her people, by accepting the marriage proposal of a wealthy man.

The two are approached by a woman and her daughter, offering lodging for the night. Things turn bad when Fubuki gets a bad feeling about the woman and a fight begins. The woman mentions Fubuki not being able to hurt her with a human blade, then in one single swoop Fubuki defeats the demon. “You’re not human, are you?!”, shouts the demon after she’s been defeated. This gets Fubuki thinking…not human?

As the cherry blossom trees begin to bloom suddenly (in the middle of winter), the Princess comes clean with Fubuki…It turns out Fubuki is the cherry tree, not the Princess! Cool plot twist. :) She explains to her how the spring before Fubuki came from a tree in the garden. See my plot hole below. The demon woman and her little daughter turn out to be fox demons (I totally learned that from watching Inuyasha, SHUT UP, and DON’T EVEN SAY IT). *cough* Back on topic! The fox demon, beaten and battered explains to Sakura and Fubuki that because of the terrible winter and famine, the only way she can feed her daughter is by stealing.

This now has both Fubuki and Sakura thinking…if famine and death has happened here, then it can happen in her home province too. Fubuki tells the Princess to return home and do what’s right. As the two embrace, Fubuki withers away in Sakura’s arms…The deal was that both the girls must sacrifice everything for one another. Fubuki gave the ultimate for Sakura, her life. Sakura didn’t give her province, thus only one side of the deal was fulfilled. It seems as if Fubuki didn’t lose her spirit though. She has returned to the tree and is able to rain down blossoms on Sakura every spring. ^_^

Plot hole? If Fubuki appeared the spring before all this, then what’s up with everyone else’s memory? It seems Princess Sakura’s memory is intact shouldn’t the king’s memory and everyone else’s be as well? Wouldn’t she be on the top of the list for god/heaven/whatever to alter the memory of? No one else specifically talked about the two growing up together, only Princess Sakura…,but wouldn’t it be a little odd for a random stranger to become a Princesses personal guard that fast and not cause a commotion? Maybe I’m over-thinking this! (lol)

Fubuki mentions near the end that the heavens have spared her, to allow her to rain down cherry blossoms on Sakura every spring as she sits below Fubuki. I wonder had she not fulfilled at least her half of the deal if Fubuki would have completely disappeared? By sacrificing her human body to save the Princesses people, she gave the ultimate. I guess seeing this; the heavens took pity on her.

I hadn’t planned on making this long of an entry. @_@ Great story though, the length of this is proof of how much I liked it. ;) Coming soon to a Lililicious near you! Keep an eye out for it! (or in…a bulging eye would be kind of creepy!).

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  1. yurigirl Says:

    Ohhh..Interesting.. for a second there, I thought the story was a little similar to “The promised finger”.

    This story is different from what Akiko Morishima used to make, huh? It’s a little sad. I was expecting a happy ending =(..

  2. Sachiko Says:

    It is a little sad. It doesn’t leave you with that ball of sadness in your stomach though. I guess because Fubuki got to at least keep her soul/spirit and return to the tree. I think you’ll like it if you’re a fan of the mangaka. :)

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