Sachiko Nike Ad! WHAT? O_o


She totally sold out! I can’t believe she’s advertising with Nike. Next she’ll be in the rehab clinic with Tiger Woods. :(

I’m kidding, I actually sold out I guess! I hadn’t planned on it though? I really never set out to do a tennis outfit. It quickly turned into one though. I thought the Nike symbols added a little to it. Plus I think it’s kind of cute! I tried it without them and it looked empty. :D MARKETING HAS MELTED MY BRAIN! Also I did a tennis racket, that was something new for me. I’ve posted this everywhere and rambled about it enough other places so I’ll keep it short and sweet and just post the picture.

Sachiko Nike Ad

Sachiko Nike Ad

2 Responses to “Sachiko Nike Ad! WHAT? O_o”

  1. Sapphire Says:

    I <3 Nike! Very cute image! I love how the breeze appears to pull away at her skirt and hair. Very nice indeed! ^_^

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Thanks. :) Now that I look back on it I would have probably made it more proportioned but I still like it. :)

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