Sweet Blue Flowers [Aoi Hana] Chapter 33


Well, now that all my studying for the tests I’ll be taking tomorrow are finished, I guess I have time to ramble and rant! :D I was thinking about blogging earlier on one of my study breaks…but how lame would that have been? *sigh*

When we last left Akira and Fumi at the end of chapter 32 the girls were starting to settle in at the inn! They had a nice meal and were in the hot bath together. We pick up right where we left off! Still in the bath! We begin with a quick flashback to Akira being amazed by a naked Fumi and then burying her head under the water in embarrassment for staring. Then we quickly move to everyone leaving the bath. Fumi appears to be the only one who stays as she ponders her deal with Ah-chan to remain friends after her confession.

As Fumi heads out of the bath alone it appears she blacks out and is helped by Hinako Yamashina (Ah-chan homeroom teacher). It looks like Hinako and Orie (Haruka’s sister) were in the middle of something when Fumi surprised them and I’m guessing that made her pass out? It’s blamed on the heat from the bath, but I suspect otherwise? I’m having a hard time deciphering exactly what’s going on here. This chapter really bounced around/flashed back in large chunks.

Fumi decides to have a little talk with Hinako about the situation she has created with Ah-chan. More specifically the confession and how she feels about making it. Which is also what leads me to believe my assumption was right. I don’t imagine she would just open up about that randomly. I suppose the fact that Haruka told Fumi her sister (Orie) liked women and she’s old friends with Hinako could be just cause for Fumi to assume…that would be quite a daring guess though! (Unless I’m forgetting something…) Later on Hinako and Orie are seen together again, Hinako still thinking about what Fumi had discussed with her earlier. In fact it almost seems like she thinks it’s kind of funny Fumi feels like she’s taking advantage of Akira’s kindness.

Now that Fumi is resting again and everyone from her group is aware what has happened they decide that it’s best for someone to stay with Fumi for the night. More oh my god it’s a lesbian she has a plague phobia occurs from Haruka and Akira as they both freak out to the idea when Yassan suggest it. Ah-chan does end up staying with Fumi though. The two have a little conversation with a very lighthearted mood about the previous summer, when both of them got sick. The two seem to be chatting like old time again.

Once they’re in bed, Akira lays awake thinking about someone being in love with her, and the fact that it’s a girl. She thinks it’s weird. Fumi, in her sleep, rolls over and takes Akira’s hand (they’re sleeping side by side so Akira can keep an eye on her after the blacking out episode she had earlier). Akira is shocked at first, but then realizes Fumi is still sleeping and unaware of what she’s doing. Akira seems to calm down and allow Fumi to hold her hand. The chapter ends there with a soft and light look on Akira’s face. At least that’s how I take the look.

Hopefully, Akira and Fumi seeming to connect at least on a friendly level is a sign of things to come. :) I’m getting sick of the lesbian plague attitude. Ah also seems to be putting quite a bit of thought into the confession. Could it be that she’s considering it? She’s feeling her way through something she doesn’t quite understand yet? I can’t really say if the look meant what I think it meant (at the end). It’s hard to tell because Akira is blushing on the last page, but she’s blushing through the whole sleep scene. Even when Fumi is sleeping with her back to Akira and she’s going through the thought process about Fumi’s confession. Time will tell, but I think I like where this is going. Unless it’s just me and my wishful thinking again! :)

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  1. yurigirl Says:

    Yay! Thanks for this review. I’m so excited to read this chapter. I really wish Akira will eventually accept Fumi’s feelings for her.

  2. Sachiko Says:

    You’re welcome! It was a interesting chapter. Kind of choppy, but interesting. :) I would love to see it, I suspect we’re getting closer to it happening than we’ve ever been before. :)

  3. wingberg Says:

    great review! thank you very much! looking forward to reading this chapter.One thing i liked about aoi hana is that the author let us know what’s going on inside the thoughts of the character.

  4. Sachiko Says:

    Thanks! You’re very welcome. :) Hopefully it’ll be out soon! I really enjoy the incite on the characters thoughts. Without that, the complexity and at time adult-like attitude of this story wouldn’t really work for me. :) Now I’m dying for chapter 34 already! :)

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