I wanted to give everyone a little heads up on the blog situation. Those of you who know me are probably well aware of what’s going on. Those of you who don’t are about to find out!

The summer is easily my busiest time of the year. You would think school time would be, but it isn’t. I haven’t given up on the blog. It’s just that I use the little spare time I have left to continue editing yuri. It’s either blog or edit and I feel as though my contributions to the editing side are far more beneficial to everyone than my contributions on the reviewing/blogging side.

That said, you could see a random blog post about something. Maybe not. Expect things to be slow here while summer is in full swing. Once school begins things should be back to normal as far as I know. Thanks for reading and don’t forget about me while I’m not blogging! ;) ♥

4 Responses to “Update!”

  1. yurigirl Says:

    Looking forward to read your future posts. =D

  2. Sapphire Says:

    Awww! Your hardwork and effort will surely be remembered! Thank you! Plus you’re getting your house business all settled! Ganbatte!!

  3. Sachiko Says:

    Thanks! :) I can’t wait to make them. ^_^

  4. Sachiko Says:

    I doubt it! lol! But that’s all right. I’m not in it for the praise. :) You’re very welcome, and thanks! I’m so excited about the house. Now that I have it I don’t know where to begin! lol

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