Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian


After a long wait… I’ve finally taken over as editor of the project. I picked it up tonight, so expect updates on my progress in the near future. It’s likely going to be one of my toughest challenges to date. I had shown interest in it when the project was first dropped by Zefiberyl translations, but things didn’t work out. I had predicted things would work their way back to me anyways… and they have! I wouldn’t have had time to deal with it this summer as it was, so perhaps it’s best I didn’t take it back then. I’m being provided with scans, translations and quality checkers. So thankfully this time I won’t have to shoulder such a load when picking up a project. That said! Stay tuned, I promise I’ll have a chapter out before you know it. ;) Hey look there’s already a preview in this post! :o

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