Kanamemo Chapter 16


Another Kanamemo is ready for release! A full Kana and Mika chapter! Loliyuri? :o Not really. :) Or maybe it is…Mika’s panties are involved! The two of them decide to take on the swimming pool, with a guest appearance from Saki. Of course the chapters ends with a little Haruka, too. Please enjoy the release and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or you can join us on IRC! #sachiko @ irc.rizon.net

Download Kanamemo Chapter 16 By: Shouko Iwami

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  1. yurigirl Says:

    Hi Sachiko,

    I can finally post a comment. I tried it a couple of days ago but I was getting an error message.

    Anyway, thanks for translating this :)

  2. Sachiko Says:

    You’re welcome! I’m just doing the editing. There’s a whole group of people working on this with me. :) Mai_no_Ken, CkretAznMan and mint. They deserve just as much credit as I do. :)

    Yeah I had a problem with some weird bot registering like 10-15 accounts a day so I put in something to stop them. It messed up my blog and I didn’t know it. I removed it and installed a different thing to block the bots. So now everything should be good to go! Sorry about that ^_^

  3. K-Nashi Says:

    My,I/m really glad that someone finally picked up this series, thx a lot for the release..^^

    The story in the manga is definitely much better than in the anime(at least for me). especially when Kana isnt that oblivious to Mika’s feeling unlike in the anime…

    anyway,look forward for more KanaMemo..^^

  4. Sachiko Says:

    You’re welcome! I was editing it for Kono-Basho but as someone I know put it “creative differences” caused me to part ways and start doing it alone. (Not really alone, just as my own group. I have a great crew helping me with it, who were also helping me at K-B!) I agree, chapter 17, which I just finished doing some script work with is really cute. I like the KanaxMika chapters. They’re so sweet. :)

  5. K-Nashi Says:

    ah!! so you came from kono-basho, that explain why your chapter release start off exactly from where kono-basho left of~ hmm so sorry to hear that, but good luck for you and your new group!!:D

    can’t wait for more KanaMika chapter, yeah, their relationship is definitely sweeter in the manga..~(altough I’m a bit confused, on this chapter, when kana and Mika is practicing on water basin to swim..what exactly Kana is thinking that make the lilies…bloom?lol)

    ~ but as for me I’m curious at that chapter in the third volume where Haruka sudenly gone..”sane” and doesnt act like a lolicon-lesbian too much,

    but I’ll wait patiently for that..^^

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