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Wow it’s been awhile! I’ve been unbelievably busy with the new group. I think it’s really starting to come along nicely though. Everyone is doing a great job and we don’t really have any weak links in the team. :) I’m proud of everybody and all the work they’ve done and are continuing to do. Since I was bored I answered the Writer’s Block question on my LJ. I decided to go ahead and repost it to my blog since it’s actually something to think about. I really enjoy answering those Writer’s Block questions. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. You know me… I ALWAYS have something to say about everything. :D

The question was: “After all the commercial hype and build up, do you ever feel a sense of let-down right after the holidays? Why or why not?”

I think it’s only natural to feel some sort of a let down after it’s over. The meaning of Christmas has gotten so clouded by the stores, the advertisements, children begging for gifts and parents buying them 20 different things. So, when you pump something up and over hype it like that there’s absolutely no way to actually fulfill the promises that Christmas now makes. You can give someone all the presents in the world and it still falls flat because it’s just not the same magical day it used to be. We’re all materialistically spoiled now and I’m just as guilty.

Growing up I was always well aware of the true meaning of Christmas. In fact I didn’t know anyone who didn’t. Though admittedly I spent a lot of time in church and I attended a religious school. Now, it’s amazing to hear how many kids and teenagers honestly have no idea what they’re really celebrating Christmas for. It’s kind of sad really. :(

Back on the issue at hand, for me personally… I get more of a relief feeling when it ends than a let-down. It’s like *whew* another on in the books without a major disaster! I enjoy the holidays and I┬álike getting all my decorations up. I like having my friends over and I enjoy spending time with my loved ones. But it’s just so much extra stress on me because I always have to play hostess. It’s like a chore. Thankfully this year I had my Christmas spirit back. I’m not sure why it came back or how, but it did and I really enjoyed everything thoroughly like I used to and it had more to do with good company and atmosphere than the presents I received. Which is a great thing in my mind. :) (But I was still glad to send everyone home after dinner and get some peace and quiet today! ;))

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    Thank you so much for your brilliant turtioals,Sachiko. On Friday I saw the ‘ruffly shirt tutorial’, so bought a couple of t-shirts to use, and have now completed customising my t-shirt. I love it! I’ve mentioned you and linked up to my blog, I hope that’s ok, but I just had to share your tutorial, it was so easy to follow. Thank you again, and have a lovely SundaySadie (Cotton Rose)

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