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Kannazuki no Miko Episode 12 (Final)


Well I want to start by saying maybe I was a bit to harsh on Kannazuki no Miko originally. I’m actually going to re-write this last impression because the original was written full of rage! lol I think I literally cried from start to finish of the 12th... Read More →

Kannazuki no Miko Episode 11

What a sad episode.. It begins with Himeko and Oogami together. Him as usual promising to protect her with his life. Himeko holds the invitation Chikane gave her in the last episode for their “party”. One month to the date of their birthday. Himeko... Read More →

Kannazuki no Miko Episode 10

OK This is going to be packed with pictures. Cute episode for the most part, Chikane is back with Himeko so there’s plenty of love going on :). It’s still hard for me to get through the end of this series though. I’m basically just going back... Read More →

Kannazuki no Miko Episode 9

OK OK OK! I know it’s been awhile, right? I’ll finally finish Kannazuki! I’ve been promising and promising so before I get too deep into Aria and forget about it I better get it done! Also I haven’t even posted in a few days O_O..not... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 4

I like how Aria makes you watch the intro theme and video because they show bits and pieces of info for the upcoming episode during the intro. Most anime has the generic intro played episode after episode. Aria does NOT. It’s different from episode to... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 3

Akari is writing to Ai again as the episode starts, it’s apparently her second summer in Aqua. Enter Alice, a beautiful green haired girl seemingly the same age as Aika and Akari but younger in actuality. If I had to guess Aika/Akari’s age in comparison... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 2

Ok I was kind of right, Aika and Akari are in training but they work for two different Undine companies (Gondola companies) Think of Venice, that’s what this place is like. It seems chances Akari and Alicia could get close are even greater now as I don’t... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 1

Ara ara! You know..I thought about something tonight.. this is my blog!.. I don’t care if you like it or not! :p So basically what I’m saying is… I’m going to ignore Kannazuki still because it made me so angry the way the end was handled... Read More →

Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 Date!


Finally finally finally! We know when Maria season four is coming to us! I’m assuming the details are out of the Lillian Festival. The Japanese wiki for the anime has been updated paired with a new image on! Image below. It’s January... Read More →

Kannazuki no Mike Episode 8 Impressions

The episode begins with Himeko’s version of the flashback from episode 6 of the first time Himeko an Chikane meant one another with the little puppy. Not quite as detailed as Chikane’s recall of it. Possibly because it didn’t mean as much to... Read More →