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Kanamemo Chapter 17


A super cute chapter! Even though it is shorter than usual. Plenty of Kana and Mika together and some really cute little moments. Has Haruka been rubbing off on Kana? :o Please enjoy the release and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or you can join... Read More →

Kanamemo Chapter 16


Another Kanamemo is ready for release! A full Kana and Mika chapter! Loliyuri? :o Not really. :) Or maybe it is…Mika’s panties are involved! The two of them decide to take on the swimming pool, with a guest appearance from Saki. Of course the chapters... Read More →

Kanamemo Chapter 15


We brought you the conclusion of volume one today, so it’s only right we start you off with the beginning of volume two! Sounds good, right? I try to be exciting when I can…(x_x;) This is a full color chapter that includes some bonus covers, a Nekokana... Read More →

Kanamemo Chapter 14


The conclusion of the first volume of Kanamemo! Will the girls let the rain ruin their day? Not a chance! Watch out for teruterubozu and his…package! More YukixYume love and Haruka continues to swoon over Kana. She even gets under her skirt! :o Enjoy! Download... Read More →

Anime Watching


It has been so long since I actually sat down and watched a new (to me) anime. I have decided that with finals coming up all next week I should probably relax, zone out and clear my mind of anything stressful. Hence the art lately, the anime watching and my lack... Read More →

~Sketchbook Full Color’S~ Episode 5


Page 05 “Kitty Cat Day” The name says it all! Filler episode. Filled with cuteness though, so I wont complain. :) As you have probably guessed this episode is about the cats. Mike, Haa, Grey and a new cat Kuma. What surprised me is that the cats communicated... Read More →

~Sketchbook Full Color’S~ Episode 4


Page 04 “A Sketch Competition Between Three People” We begin with Sora at the house with her brother. As we found out int he last episode he seems to try and look after her somewhat. He’s warning her of the weather as she prepares to leave for... Read More →

~Sketchbook Full Color’S~ Episode 3


Page 03 “AO’s Worry“ In the opening scene we’re introduced to Sora’s brother Ao in a quick little skit loaded with giggles. As we move past the opening credits it continues. Just the two of them at home. Sora seems even more disconnected... Read More →

~Sketchbook Full Color’S~ Episode 2


Two in one night! Oh my! Page 02 “Everyday Scenery“ Sora seems set in her ways and almost OCD to a point but on her way to school she decides to do things differently today. She exits the house left foot first instead of right and then gets off one... Read More →

~Sketchbook Full Color’S~ Episode 1


I’ve started so many different things here and never finished any of them. But, it is MY blog, right? So now onto another reviewing project I’ll likely never finish! :D Page 01 “The Girl With The Sketchbook” We start being introduced to... Read More →