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Aria The Animation Episode 7


As the next episode begins Ai and Akari are writing again..Ai mentions being scolded for being too slow getting ready. Moments later Akari, Alice and Aika are scolded for the exact same thing. I think a lot of Ai is how Akari was when she originally came to Aqua... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 6


The way this series is setup it’s basically each episode appears to be somewhat of an open letter. The little girl from the first episode Ai whom becomes friends with Akari and then Aika is now a pen pal of Akari’s. Each episode begins with them communicating... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 5


Hilarious how Alice, Akari and Aika get tricked into thinking they’re going on a vacation and all run into one another on a deserted island. It was actually their trainers Alicia and Akira who sent them fake invitations in the mail! I had to lol. I figured... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 4

I like how Aria makes you watch the intro theme and video because they show bits and pieces of info for the upcoming episode during the intro. Most anime has the generic intro played episode after episode. Aria does NOT. It’s different from episode to... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 3

Akari is writing to Ai again as the episode starts, it’s apparently her second summer in Aqua. Enter Alice, a beautiful green haired girl seemingly the same age as Aika and Akari but younger in actuality. If I had to guess Aika/Akari’s age in comparison... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 2

Ok I was kind of right, Aika and Akari are in training but they work for two different Undine companies (Gondola companies) Think of Venice, that’s what this place is like. It seems chances Akari and Alicia could get close are even greater now as I don’t... Read More →

Aria The Animation Episode 1

Ara ara! You know..I thought about something tonight.. this is my blog!.. I don’t care if you like it or not! :p So basically what I’m saying is… I’m going to ignore Kannazuki still because it made me so angry the way the end was handled... Read More →