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Aqua Blue Cinema Chapter 6


Well, I have to say, I was actually quite surprised to end up editing the final chapter of Aqua Blue Cinema. Pleasantly surprised of course! Anyone who reads my blog or knows me probably knows that Hiyori Otsu is my favorite! It also ended up being my 150th milestone... Read More →

Anime Watching


It has been so long since I actually sat down and watched a new (to me) anime. I have decided that with finals coming up all next week I should probably relax, zone out and clear my mind of anything stressful. Hence the art lately, the anime watching and my lack... Read More →

Love DNA XX Chapter 4


Much better chapter! I thought the third was the worst one yet. Thankfully things didn’t continue going down hill. The introduction of the EVEs really added some character to what was starting to become a very boring story. When we left off the last time... Read More →

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 3


Time to analyze/review/whatever you want to call it Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 3! The series is picking up a lot of steam and it seems to be very popular. I’m hoping it becomes a long running one. I know there are at least two more chapters after this... Read More →

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 2


In chapter two we get to see Ebisu and Hotei maybe begin to get a little closer. The evil seems to be leaving Hotei and perhaps her kind heart is starting to take over. I was really shocked to see her so evil in chapter 1 as it is.I guess you can’t always... Read More →

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 1


Well considering I’m doing the editing and the popularity seems to be shooting through the roof I may as well start blogging about Ebisu-san and Hotei-san! In chapter 1 we get to meet the two main characters. Ebisu Mayo (or Shrimp Mayonnaise) and Hotei Chizuru,... Read More →

The Secret Recipe Chapter 4


Chapter 4 is probably the funniest and at the same time cutest thus far! The cooking club has their meetings every Monday and Friday. On Mondays they plan the menu and Fridays they do the actual cooking. Most of the members only show up on Fridays because the planning... Read More →

The Secret Recipe Chapter 2


Wakatsuki feels betrayed by the club president, Horikawa. She promised Wakatsuki that she could come to her with any problems when she initially joined the club. Now she president refuses to help her discover her sexuality! Obviously that may be just a bit much... Read More →

The Secret Recipe Chapter 1


A cute little story of the cooking club president and another member of the cooking club, Wakatsuki. The club president seems shy, calm and is very inexperienced when it comes to relationships. The club member, Wakatsuki on the other hand is quite the opposite.... Read More →

Clover Extra ~Happy Days~ by Hiyori Otsu


The last time we left Sugiura and Midori they were both younger, and still in high school. Now they’re both in college and it’s four and a half years later. Midori seems to be worried about their relationship though. It seems she feels the love is starting... Read More →