It seems somehow my computer caught a virus last week. I guess it enabled someone to steal my passwords and infect my blog with a virus that would try to spread to my readers. Sorry to anyone who wasn’t able to access the site or was getting virus warnings from here. It wasn’t me, I promise. :D I’ve fixed my computer and taken steps to prevent it from happening to the blog again.

On a happier note, I’ll be heading out of town Tuesday morning. I don’t expect to be online much, if at all. I will have my laptop with me though so if I manage to pickup a signal somewhere I’ll try to check in. I plan to be home Friday evening at the latest and If all goes well I’ll be extremely happy when I return. :)

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 5


The final chapter of Ebisu-san and Hotei-san. :( Already? I hate to see it go, but I’m not at all disappointed with it.

The chapter begins with Ebisu seducing Hotei…as she leans in to kiss her…BAM! It was all a dream. :D How expected. It was a funny way to start the chapter none the less. Now that Hotei is well aware of how she feels it seems like she much less vindictive towards Ebisu and I like that a lot.

Hotei has been noting that Ebisu hasn’t been speaking with her much and it’s really bothering her. She thinks as a friend she can clearly tell something is wrong, and she’s right. We jump right into another Hotei and Ebisu’s sister scene. Get the boxing gloves! (Not really.) It looks like after their little shouting match and the slap things have gotten a whole lot better between the two of them. They have a heart to heart about Ebisu and how she’s been extra stressed lately. The sister tells Hotei that the reason Ebisu doesn’t have a boyfriend is because she slept with them all…because she loves Ebisu? lol How nice of her! She explains it by saying that if the guy was unfaithful enough to cheat on Ebisu then they weren’t good enough for her sister… I guess I can see it. I don’t know if that’s the type of love I would be seeking from my sister though. :D Hotei also explains to her that even if she doesn’t realize it, Ebisu does love her just as much. It doesn’t seem like the sister ever realized it until that very moment.

At work Ebisu returns to her normal office desk, next to Hotei, after asking the bosses if it was alright to stop doing overtime. Why? So she can get off in time to take care of Hana. But Hotei is taking care of Hana, right? Not anymore. Ebisu ask Hotei to stop coming to her house for good. :( Hotei goes into a rant about her missing out on another opportunity because she has to cover for her sister. A common theme continues to appear. “What does Ebisu want to do?” Hotei, in the middle of her rant, suddenly ask Ebisu to move in with her. O_o…WHAT?

As Ebisu stares at her in disbelief, Hotei explains how meeting Mayo has changed her life. It has made her want to do something more with herself and to become a person that someone else can rely on. She wants Ebisu to move to Tokyo with her, Hana and her sister and take the job at the main office. Ebisu then explains why she asked Hotei to stop helping her. She only said it because she thought it was becoming a burden on Hotei. Awww… :)

After some narration we jump to a park. Ebisu and Hotei are sitting on a bench while Hana and her mother go off to play. Ebisu is noticeably happier than she’s been through the entire series. Ebisu mentions that her sister has calmed down since they moved to Tokyo and gives the credit to Hotei. She humbly directs the thanks back to Ebisu for allowing her to live in such a nice place with her for such low rent. Hotei says that she has everything she needs now. I’ll assume that also includes Ebisu, Hana and maybe to a point the sister as well. She never says it, though.

Ebisu inquires about her sister and if she’s been bothering Hotei. It seems like she hasn’t. Hotei says that she knows how to deal with her now. She also goes on to say that Ebisu’s sister plays with her and Hana and helps cook while Ebisu is at work. :) Then Ebisu starts talking about her sister stealing everyone she ever loved. Ebisu looks at Hotei and subtly mentions that if she makes any passes to ignore them. Shrimp Mayo gets up and gives us a first and a last coy smirk as she walks away to go find Hana and her sister. It doesn’t quite strike Hotei right away what Ebisu just said. In not so many words she just admitted her love for her. As she realizes, she jumps up to chase after Ebisu and she ponders their relationship and where it’s going and the hard road ahead of them both…END :)

I like the way it was left open-ended. It’s kind of a different ending from your typical “Oh, I love you so much! *kiss/hug*” I thought it was neat to see Ebisu’s true colors in the last few pages. I guess the theme of “What does Ebisu want to do?” really played a part in that. She was doing what she had to do, which obviously doesn’t make many people content. Now that she’s able to do what she wants, to move up in the business world, it seems a great weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Plus the fact that she now has someone who she can trust with Hana at all times and her sister seems to be maturing. Having Hotei around for her probably doesn’t hurt matters either. :) This is a MUST READ for any fan of the genre.

Ebisu-san and Hotei-san Chapter 4


Ah, finally Ebisu-san and Hotei-san chapter 4! I’ve been waiting for a real translation to replace my make-shift one. ^_^ I recently got a comment about chapter 4, interesting I got the script to do it today! Coincidence I suppose.

Now that Hotei has been kissed by Ebisu’s sister and Ebisu it seems things have gotten very odd at work. Hotei keeps thinking over the “meaningless” kiss, struggling with the idea of it being meaningless. To her it wasn’t. The new system Ebisu implemented at the office has everyone in an uproar. They all think it’s going to make their life harder when in fact it has only made Ebisu’s life harder and theirs easier. Once again, she’s being selfless.

Hotei thinks hasn’t had much time to speak with Ebisu lately. It seems she has been piled with so much work that she’s even taking it home so she can still leave on time to pick up Hana. Hotei approaches Ebisu to speak with her in the office and she’s brushed off. It seems Ebisu has tried to push their friendship back to a co-worker level. Hotei leans in close and whisper to Ebisu that she’ll start picking up Hana for her until the current project she’s working on is over. Ebisu tries to speak with Hotei, but she rushes out of the room, ignoring Ebisu’s plea.

Hotei arrives at Ebisu’s apartment and finds the sister lounging, as usual. The place is an absolute mess! The sister begins blaming Ebisu for the mess, the fact that she’s been eating instant foods. She keeps going on about Ebisu until Hotei blows a gasket. She goes off on the sister about doing things herself because she’s a grown woman. She then proceeds to tell her that she causes Ebisu nothing but trouble. The nasty side of Hotei shines through again as she lets loose and slaps the sister in the face! :O

Ebisu’s sister, angered, jumps to her feet and tells Hotei to mind her own business. She wants to know just who Hotei thinks she is to Ebisu and why she feels obligated to say such things. She basically told her to mind her own business.

Ebisu arrives home later that night, completely trashed drunk. She falls down in the foyer trying to take her shoes off and says she’s going to sleep. Ebisu wants to check on Hana but Hotei refuses, probably for the best. Hotei goes to retrieve a glass of water for her. When she returns, she finds Ebisu on the couch with all her clothes and makeup on.

The two then begin a serious conversation. Ebisu wants to know why Hotei is so nice to her. She tells her that she’s only a co-worker, and wants to know why she’s going out of her way. Hotei can’t believe Ebisu think she’s nice (neither can I!). Hotei begins confessing some of the stuff she has done to Ebisu. The hiding of the shoes, the tampering with her work, all the jealous envy she had for Ebisu. Ebisu brushes it off as nothing and then has a confession of her own… The first time she met Hotei, she didn’t like her! There sure is a lot of caring going around for two people who don’t like each other.

Hotei mistakes what she said as meaning when Ebisu transferred into the local office. Ebisu clarifies; she means the time Hotei came to the main branch to file a report! That’s the very same encounter that put a bad taste in Hotei mouth. She then goes on to say that she thought Hotei was only trying to get by on looks and that she didn’t care about her job. She basically suggest that she was jealous of Hotei because she was cute and purposely embarrassed her in front of everyone for it. Ebisu apologizes and then blacks out for good this time… What a lush.

Hotei seems unconcerned with anything Ebisu just said to her. She’s more worried about the fact that Ebisu remembered their first meeting and cared even more that she called her cute. (SHALLOW) With Ebisu out cold Hotei decides to take her jacket off so it doesn’t get wrinkled. In the middle of that, she suddenly goes down Ebisu’s shirt with her hand and appears to be rubbing her breast…or feeling her heartbeat. >.> Whatever works for you. She then leans in slowly to kiss Ebisu on the lips. As she gets closer and closer her heart begins to race. Right a she gets to Ebisu’s lips Hotei backs away and decides that she can’t do it!

The thought of Ebisu’s sister taking advantage of her in the previous chapter crossed her mind. She decided she would be no better than her if she took advantage of Ebisu while she was passed out drunk. Ebisu upset by what she just did/almost did has another fit and begins crying after tearing herself up on the inside…thankfully as the chapter ends, she comes to the realization that she is in fact in love with Ebisu.

I enjoyed this chapter! The fight with the sister was unexpected. The nerve of someone to slap another human like that, over something that simple. See, I’ve been saying all along Hotei isn’t a nice person! (She’s actually a bitch! lol) I’ll side with the sister on this one, it was really none of her business. I guess she owed her a bit for the kiss though. She should have done it right away, if it upset her that much. I don’t like Ebisu coming home wasted like that either. If I had a small child at home that would never happen, trustworthy sitter or not. I guess it says something about how much she actually trusts Hotei though? It was probably written in to give Hotei a good chance to take advantage of her though. I don’t expect it to be habitual or anything.

I found it really interesting to learn that the whole reason Hotei disliked Ebisu is because Ebisu had the same feelings for her, jealousy and envy. Two wrongs make a right I guess? Last thing I want to touch on. Groping Ebisu while in a drunken state AND blacked out? Could her character problems be any worse? I understand she’s struggling with new feelings and they seem to be very intense, but that’s no excuse for such an act. I’m still hoping she can get her character issues together in this series so she doesn’t end up hurting Ebisu. She seems like she could become toxic with the situations a serious relationship would present to her.

Princess Sakura, Showered with Blossoms


It’s 2AM, the night/morning before I take my last exam of the semester. Why am I awake you ask? I’m not sure, I can’t sleep. Shocker, I know right? I just watched a few episode of K-On!! (that’s the second season, two exclamation marks). I guess I’ll just blog about my latest Lili edit instead since it was so cute. Oh, don’t forget to check Kanamemo out too! I’ve thrown like the whole thing on my back to revive it! They’re short and very simple to edit, so I managed to get several of them done/near done the past couple days when I could find free time. Maybe I’ll blog them too?

Princess Sakura, Showered with Blossoms is a really cute story (I already said that once, right?). It has a really neat old-school movie feel to it for me. It’s about a Cherry Blossom tree who wishes to God that it can take on a human form to have a chance at a girl who the tree has fallen in love with. God grants the wish under one condition…She must take the form of a female and still make the girl fall in love with her or her human form will wither away and crumble.

First let’s introduce Fubuki, the Princesses personal attendant. Much like a personal knight it would seem. She arrives at a gathering only to find out that the Princess who she guards with her life is set to be wed off to someone of a neighboring province! Their province is having a hard time and without the help of this rich husband may not make it! Fubuki seems less than pleased about this, and unable to believe the Princess will agree.

Enter Princess Sakura, our second character. It seems like Fubuki knows her quite well. The Princess tells her father to refuse the wedding offer. She won’t be wed off for money like some cheap harlot! She stomps off with Fubuki at her hip. It would seem she doesn’t leave the Princess side very often. They’ve been friends since they were children and grew up together. They’ve become extremely close because of this, to the point where it’s probably a little more than friendship.

Fubuki keeps having a flashback of the Princess coming out of a cherry tree. She can’t seem to get the image out of her mind and begins researching the Princess birth in the library. After a bit she’s satisfied with the birth records and decides there’s no way that a tree could come to life and then implant fake memories in everyone’s mind to become a Princess.

Later on the Princess questions Fubuki about spending so much time in the library. This goes on while Fubuki is helping her change. Sakura then proceeds to ask Fubuki why she was born a woman. She wishes she had been born a man so she could have married Fubuki. The whole time of course Fubuki is blushing and obviously not disagreeing with anything. There’s definitely more than friendship there from the start. Suddenly, in the middle of their cuddle-fest, Sakura ask Fubuki to run away from the castle with her!

Of course they left. What kind of story would this be if they didn’t? The two approach a old town. It looks run down and nearly abandoned. Sakura ask what it is and Fubuki explains that they had a harsh winter and the people were unable to make it. Sakura thinks back to the offer she had to help her people, by accepting the marriage proposal of a wealthy man.

The two are approached by a woman and her daughter, offering lodging for the night. Things turn bad when Fubuki gets a bad feeling about the woman and a fight begins. The woman mentions Fubuki not being able to hurt her with a human blade, then in one single swoop Fubuki defeats the demon. “You’re not human, are you?!”, shouts the demon after she’s been defeated. This gets Fubuki thinking…not human?

As the cherry blossom trees begin to bloom suddenly (in the middle of winter), the Princess comes clean with Fubuki…It turns out Fubuki is the cherry tree, not the Princess! Cool plot twist. :) She explains to her how the spring before Fubuki came from a tree in the garden. See my plot hole below. The demon woman and her little daughter turn out to be fox demons (I totally learned that from watching Inuyasha, SHUT UP, and DON’T EVEN SAY IT). *cough* Back on topic! The fox demon, beaten and battered explains to Sakura and Fubuki that because of the terrible winter and famine, the only way she can feed her daughter is by stealing.

This now has both Fubuki and Sakura thinking…if famine and death has happened here, then it can happen in her home province too. Fubuki tells the Princess to return home and do what’s right. As the two embrace, Fubuki withers away in Sakura’s arms…The deal was that both the girls must sacrifice everything for one another. Fubuki gave the ultimate for Sakura, her life. Sakura didn’t give her province, thus only one side of the deal was fulfilled. It seems as if Fubuki didn’t lose her spirit though. She has returned to the tree and is able to rain down blossoms on Sakura every spring. ^_^

Plot hole? If Fubuki appeared the spring before all this, then what’s up with everyone else’s memory? It seems Princess Sakura’s memory is intact shouldn’t the king’s memory and everyone else’s be as well? Wouldn’t she be on the top of the list for god/heaven/whatever to alter the memory of? No one else specifically talked about the two growing up together, only Princess Sakura…,but wouldn’t it be a little odd for a random stranger to become a Princesses personal guard that fast and not cause a commotion? Maybe I’m over-thinking this! (lol)

Fubuki mentions near the end that the heavens have spared her, to allow her to rain down cherry blossoms on Sakura every spring as she sits below Fubuki. I wonder had she not fulfilled at least her half of the deal if Fubuki would have completely disappeared? By sacrificing her human body to save the Princesses people, she gave the ultimate. I guess seeing this; the heavens took pity on her.

I hadn’t planned on making this long of an entry. @_@ Great story though, the length of this is proof of how much I liked it. ;) Coming soon to a Lililicious near you! Keep an eye out for it! (or in…a bulging eye would be kind of creepy!).

Kanamemo Quality Checker Needed!


Hello everyone! I’m currently seeking a quality checker for the Kanamemo manga. Currently we’re working on Chapter 7 and have scripts up to chapter 13. More as needed. The only thing we’re lacking in an experienced quality checker on the project. Most of the chapters tend to be about 8 pages long and rather brief. E-mail contact is obviously a must, IRC contact is optional but preferred. If you’re interested please contact me with a comment here and a way to contact you or feel free to email me.  (sachiko.chinensis [at] gmail [dot] com)

Anyone with a related blog please feel free to pass the info along to your readers! I would greatly appreciate it!

Sweet Blue Flowers [Aoi Hana] Chapter 33


Well, now that all my studying for the tests I’ll be taking tomorrow are finished, I guess I have time to ramble and rant! :D I was thinking about blogging earlier on one of my study breaks…but how lame would that have been? *sigh*

When we last left Akira and Fumi at the end of chapter 32 the girls were starting to settle in at the inn! They had a nice meal and were in the hot bath together. We pick up right where we left off! Still in the bath! We begin with a quick flashback to Akira being amazed by a naked Fumi and then burying her head under the water in embarrassment for staring. Then we quickly move to everyone leaving the bath. Fumi appears to be the only one who stays as she ponders her deal with Ah-chan to remain friends after her confession.

As Fumi heads out of the bath alone it appears she blacks out and is helped by Hinako Yamashina (Ah-chan homeroom teacher). It looks like Hinako and Orie (Haruka’s sister) were in the middle of something when Fumi surprised them and I’m guessing that made her pass out? It’s blamed on the heat from the bath, but I suspect otherwise? I’m having a hard time deciphering exactly what’s going on here. This chapter really bounced around/flashed back in large chunks.

Fumi decides to have a little talk with Hinako about the situation she has created with Ah-chan. More specifically the confession and how she feels about making it. Which is also what leads me to believe my assumption was right. I don’t imagine she would just open up about that randomly. I suppose the fact that Haruka told Fumi her sister (Orie) liked women and she’s old friends with Hinako could be just cause for Fumi to assume…that would be quite a daring guess though! (Unless I’m forgetting something…) Later on Hinako and Orie are seen together again, Hinako still thinking about what Fumi had discussed with her earlier. In fact it almost seems like she thinks it’s kind of funny Fumi feels like she’s taking advantage of Akira’s kindness.

Now that Fumi is resting again and everyone from her group is aware what has happened they decide that it’s best for someone to stay with Fumi for the night. More oh my god it’s a lesbian she has a plague phobia occurs from Haruka and Akira as they both freak out to the idea when Yassan suggest it. Ah-chan does end up staying with Fumi though. The two have a little conversation with a very lighthearted mood about the previous summer, when both of them got sick. The two seem to be chatting like old time again.

Once they’re in bed, Akira lays awake thinking about someone being in love with her, and the fact that it’s a girl. She thinks it’s weird. Fumi, in her sleep, rolls over and takes Akira’s hand (they’re sleeping side by side so Akira can keep an eye on her after the blacking out episode she had earlier). Akira is shocked at first, but then realizes Fumi is still sleeping and unaware of what she’s doing. Akira seems to calm down and allow Fumi to hold her hand. The chapter ends there with a soft and light look on Akira’s face. At least that’s how I take the look.

Hopefully, Akira and Fumi seeming to connect at least on a friendly level is a sign of things to come. :) I’m getting sick of the lesbian plague attitude. Ah also seems to be putting quite a bit of thought into the confession. Could it be that she’s considering it? She’s feeling her way through something she doesn’t quite understand yet? I can’t really say if the look meant what I think it meant (at the end). It’s hard to tell because Akira is blushing on the last page, but she’s blushing through the whole sleep scene. Even when Fumi is sleeping with her back to Akira and she’s going through the thought process about Fumi’s confession. Time will tell, but I think I like where this is going. Unless it’s just me and my wishful thinking again! :)

Aqua Blue Cinema Chapter 6


Well, I have to say, I was actually quite surprised to end up editing the final chapter of Aqua Blue Cinema. Pleasantly surprised of course! Anyone who reads my blog or knows me probably knows that Hiyori Otsu is my favorite! It also ended up being my 150th milestone edit for Lililicious! Kind of fitting in my mind! I’m already up to 151. -_- 49 to go for the next milestone! :D I’m going to assume you’re already a reader of Aqua Blue Cinema and not backtrack through the first five chapters. If you have not read them, go for it. It’s an amazingly cute little story, despite me thinking it needed at LEAST another chapter. You can pick it up right here.

It seems Mizuki’s plotting and scheming has continued! She’s pretty evil, even though she has a big smile. >.> When Tae meets her, Mizuki tells her that she wants Tae to quit as Yui’s personal assistant! She says that she can do a better job supporting Yui by getting back together with her. More or less implying that Tae isn’t good enough! :o Terrible! The next morning Tae fails to tell Yui that she met with Mizuki, pretending as if nothing has happened.

Tae is obviously shaken by the talk with Mizuki. Both Satake and Yui notice. When Yui presses the issue, Tae ask her if it would be alright to pay her back later. She wants to quit and return home from Tokyo. A complete shock to Yui’s system! By now I think we’re all quite aware that Yui’s feelings for Tae are more than she lets on. Dejectedly, she tells Tae that it’s fine and that paying her back isn’t even important anymore. Yui then leaves to rent a hotel for the night. She’s is under the impression Tae doesn’t want to be around he because she found out about her dating Mizuki.

Tae thinks it’s the right thing to leave. She actually feels useless to Yui and if anything that she’s just dragging her down. She’s been talked into believing it by Mizuki. Yui returns home to find Tae already gone and a note on the table expressing her admiration for Yui. [Remember that, ONLY admiration.] The dastardly Mizuki arrives while Yui is wallowing! She’s invited in and tries to manipulate Yui into take her back. Yui thankfully refuses. She explains to Mizuki why it can’t work. The two of them then have a nice little chat where Yui finds out about the conversation that Mizuki had with Tae and realizes exactly what happened! Ah-hah, now it’s all so clear. :)

Tae, back in school is paid a visit from Yui. Where? The rock cliff they met on of course! Tae is visibly upset about the possibility of never SEEING Yui again. Just then Yui shows up to save the day! Jokingly telling her not to jump! As payback for the original meeting when Tae thought Yui was going to jump to her death and ended up knocking her in to creating the whole story more or less. Yui arrives, abruptly confesses her love for Tae, who seems delighted and the two walk the beach making plans to spend the rest of their life together. O_o… WHAT?

That was a little random for me. It feels like it’s missing about a chapter or two between chapters 5 and 6.  I don’t recall at any time Tae mentioning or hinting that she was in love with Yui or that she even liked women? She said “Is there really anything wrong with liking girls?” in chapter 5. I didn’t take that as a rhetorical question, but I guess it could have been. They slept holding hands that night…using that as the foundation is really reaching. I would have liked to see at the least one chapter building up to the confession, maybe a little incite on Tae’s feelings other than her admitting being a fan of Yui. Kind of disappointed with the whole skipping along happily and then falling down a manhole feeling the ending gave me. I’m not going to call it a “don’t read” though! How could I possibly call a happy ending like this a don’t read? Gobble it up, just don’t expect to get too full. :)

Anime Watching


It has been so long since I actually sat down and watched a new (to me) anime. I have decided that with finals coming up all next week I should probably relax, zone out and clear my mind of anything stressful. Hence the art lately, the anime watching and my lack of anything productive outside of adding to my post counts on message boards and keeping up with my social networking! Mothers day wasn’t the best of days for me. I guess that’s the norm for me though. As hard as I try to fight it I can’t always keep my guard up. It gets exhausting bottling it all up and as much ad I don’t want to admit it, eventually it does spew out. I wonder if I’ll ever learn to deal with their death?

I actually managed to marathon two series, one a night, in the past two days! The first was Serial Experiments Lain. I’ve been meaning to watch it for sooooo long! I actually watched the first episode quite awhile ago but never continued watching because I heard it was one to be marathoned because of the complexity and open ended nature of it. So I started from the beginning last night and went all the way through episode 13. I have to say, I was very impressed. When it comes to thought provoking I think it belong right up there with Evangelion. Which I hold is a VERY high regard. The originality of SEL was quite apparent too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it, or even close for that matter. I doubt I ever will either. I guess that could be seen as both good and bad? For just a split second I thought I saw some you-know-what too, my yuri goggles were glowing fire red. Lain was in love with Arisu, proven by what she tried to do for her and then by admission. Not to mention the whole watching her masturbate thing (Even though that was originally considered the wired Lain) and the hugging? I did end up deciding to pitch the goggles and go with the opened end idea. I think Lain realized that she loved all humans just as much as she loved Arisu by the end. Arisu was just the first person she realized it about and it all flowed at her for a period of time. I even ended up with a super happy ending! Really recommend this series for anybody who likes to think.

My next marathon is definitely not for people who like to think! :D It watched all 13 episodes of Kanamemo. I enjoyed it as a “relaxer” and something fun. People seem to get so tied up in every single series to try and find the rights and wrongs. What ever happened to watching something for the heck of it, shutting your brain off, and enjoying it? Take it for what it is, so to speak. Don’t expect to have an epiphany or see anything groundbreaking when you watch it. It’s a cute, quick moving series about a group of girls who work for a newspaper. The main character is a middle school student named Kana who has lost her family and finds a job with the paper company in exchange for a place to stay and a paycheck. The loli in it wasn’t really my thing, though not overly disgusting to where I wanted to turn it off. In fact I had a hard time looking away. If you removed Haruka from the series I actually think it would have been much improved. She’s the stereotypical loli stalker and offers up her constant pervert attacks. I did like her being drunk all the time though so it balanced her out. Definitely not something I had expected to see. :D I think it pretty much hit the spot for what I wanted out of it. I didn’t come in with any preconceptions that I would be watching the greatest yuri of all time. If you’re looking for some smiles, lots of cute moments, a few life lessons and a little head shaking embarrassment then I say go for it. If the loli thing is turning you off, don’t let it. I didn’t.

Random thoughts of the night

  • Speaking of the name Haruka…How did I miss the Haruka Tomatsu album?
  • The SEL opening song is by a group called Bôa from Europe. Not the same BoA you would expect it to be. At first I was like O_o…this isn’t BoA…?
  • I think I’ll look into the Kanamemo manga. It seems like the anime could have gone on forever. Even had characters been switched out after they graduated and it could have kept the same pace going for a long time.

Love DNA XX Chapter 4


Much better chapter! I thought the third was the worst one yet. Thankfully things didn’t continue going down hill. The introduction of the EVEs really added some character to what was starting to become a very boring story.

When we left off the last time Aoi was never informed of the formal ball and was off to change into the appropriate attire for ADAMs. We pick up with her getting dressed and heading there with Mushroom. What’s the big deal, it’s just a formal meeting right? Wrong! Sword fighting duels galore! It seems it’s a way among the ADAMs to prove their manliness (does wordpress have an indifferent smiley? -_-). After proving it, the winner in turns gets to dance with the EVE it seems.

Guess who’s the talk of the ball? Aoi of course! She’s new and there are all kind of rumors still flying about how she defeated Onigawara. She doesn’t seem very interested in socializing though. She runs into (literally) and meets a sweet and seemingly clumsy EVE named Momiji. Who I think is unbelievably cute, that’s beside the point though. Moments later the two crash into one another again! This time it’s more the doing of Momiji’s friend than her clumsiness though. Her friend, Kurara, thinks Momiji is interested in Aoi and shoves her off to go see “him”. Aoi, as usual come sup with a not so sweet nickname for her. “Four-eyes” because of her glasses.

Momiji then shyly begins to ask Aoi to dance and is interrupted by the grand entrance of Erika-sama! She’s the EVE from the previous chapter. It appears she’s the envy of everyone. The most popular and probably the most socially powerful in the school. She’s also engaged to Sakura. The first person Aoi crashed into (chapter 1). Erika walks directly over to Aoi and begins a conversation. Everyone seems shocked, as if it’s a great honor to speak with her. Erika mentions that Sakura has told her about Aoi. The old “Any friend of X is a friend of mine.” is exchanged and a dance is offered by Erika to Aoi. LOOK OUT!

*crash* Guess who? Momiji once again has taken a tumble, three times in just what seems like a few short minutes. :D This time it’s not a harmless fall though. Momiji bringing Erika a drink falls down and into her, spilling the drink all over her dress. Erika in turn insults her and shows a very nasty side of her personality. Not that I had expected Erika to be very kind or sweet… Infuriated by the comment towards Momiji, Aoi picks her up off the floor and declines Erika’s dance. She tells Erika that she has already promised Momiji to dance. Erika, probably humiliated that everyone else saw her get turned down begins insulting Aoi and hear dead parents. Exposing information about her upbringing that was probably personal…

The situation begins to escalate and the two are near a fight when Sakura burst onto the scene! She gets in front of Erika to defend her. It looks like Aoi will have her wish next chapter, a duel with an Etoile.

Waaaaaaaay better chapter. I actually enjoyed it thoroughly. Hopefully the upswing continues. Not so much looking forward to the duel next chapter because I’m certain there will be loads of sound effects to annoy me while editing. I am looking forward to Momiji though. Is she just going to be a one time occasional character used for the simple purpose of giving Aoi someone to defend? Maybe their relationship can develop? I have a feeling this is going to be ADAM/ADAM (Aoi/Sakura) to portray the “against the grain” idea. We’ll see though. Time will tell where this goes. The trial period I was giving this has just about run its course and I’m going to change the thumbs down to a thumbs up and suggest a read. If nothing else to see where it goes and how the relationships will grow.

Sachiko Nike Ad! WHAT? O_o


She totally sold out! I can’t believe she’s advertising with Nike. Next she’ll be in the rehab clinic with Tiger Woods. :(

I’m kidding, I actually sold out I guess! I hadn’t planned on it though? I really never set out to do a tennis outfit. It quickly turned into one though. I thought the Nike symbols added a little to it. Plus I think it’s kind of cute! I tried it without them and it looked empty. :D MARKETING HAS MELTED MY BRAIN! Also I did a tennis racket, that was something new for me. I’ve posted this everywhere and rambled about it enough other places so I’ll keep it short and sweet and just post the picture.

Sachiko Nike Ad

Sachiko Nike Ad