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Clover Extra ~Happy Days~ by Hiyori Otsu


The last time we left Sugiura and Midori they were both younger, and still in high school. Now they’re both in college and it’s four and a half years later. Midori seems to be worried about their relationship though. It seems she feels the love is starting... Read More →

Clover Chapter 2 ~Bitter Girl~ By Hiyori Otsu


Well in light of my fourth Clover work(Ch1, Ch2, Extra: Happy Days, Ch3) being released this week I’ve decided to do a little write-up on Chapter 2. This leaves me with one more chapter to edit, Chapter 4. If you recall from my first write up on Chapter 1... Read More →

Clover and Downtime


First I’d like to start with the rambling. Sorry if anyone noticed the downtime the past few weeks. I’m not with my third host in 6 months. This one seems much better though, more professional and a lot faster at responding to anything. So that’s... Read More →