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Kannazuki no Miko Episode 3 Impressions

I was thinking the school had been rebuilt after being smashed by the Orochi in episode 1, I was mistaken though only the dorms were smashed. This leads to the main focus in episode 3. Himeko no longer has a place to stay so she is moving in with Chikane in the... Read More →

Kannazuki no Miko Episode 2 Impressions

Love the intro theme, wasn’t in the first episode, as with a lot of animes. Chikane appears to be regretting the kiss she gave Himeko without asking her permission while she was out of it. (pics below) When Himeko awakens from her injuries Chikane is watching... Read More →

Kannazuki no Miko Episode 1 Impressions

Not 100% sure on how the relationship of Himeko and Mako is currently. Are they friends, more than friends or lovers? Also are Chikane and Himeko already acquainted or did she randomly invite Himeko to lunch in the rose garden after saving her from falling down... Read More →