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Kashimashi OVA Impressions

Well, two so far tonight! I haven’t cried yet though! I’m doing good so far! :D I sure am glad to hear this into song again, I was worried they would change it. It’s a beautiful track and deserved to stay where it was. They even played the... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 12 Impressions

Well I knew it :| stupid Yasuna won! lol. But it doesn’t take away from the magic this series brought from start to finish. Touching moment after touching moment. I laughed, I cried! I truly enjoyed this series from start to finish. I know there is a... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 11 Impressions

Ending theme by Tomari’s voice actress this time. Cute -^_^-! Yasuna after catching Tomari and Hazumu kissing at the train station absolutely loses it and runs over the tracks in a fit of rage. When she reaches the other side she slaps Tomari in the face... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 10 Impressions

Yui Horie sings the closing versions of Michishirube. Not quite as beautiful as the versions by Ayuki’s voice actor or Hazumu but still decent in its own right. So prepare to be shocked, this episode just had me crying tears of joy! Much like the last episode... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 9 Impressions

Ok I really only have one major issue I want to focus on in this episode it’s the relationship of Tomari and Yasuna. But first, the ending theme was this time sung by Hazumu’s voice actress, Kana Ueada and it was again beautiful. The girls all decide... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 8 Impressions

Two in one night, I’m on a roll! Oh and neither one has gotten me crying yet tonight -^_^-. As an answer to my previous question from episode 7 about where do Asuta and Hazumu go now…it appears to be the same. He’s still highly embarrassed... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 7 Impressions

Well first I’ll start by saying it was mostly the generic beach episode just as a chance to see some swimsuit animations. But beyond that the few moments of seriousness were quite enjoyable. It was actually a nice break in what has turned into a highly... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 6 Impressions

Wow it seems as the episodes go on my posts are getting longer and longer! So if you’re still hanging with me.. it’s go time. :D After the last episodes shocking end it picks up right where it left off. Tomari apologizes for interrupting and completely... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 5 Impressions

The last one ended with a bang and so does this one so prepare yourself to tear up a bit! Sorry for the absence I had a little Labor day weekend part at my house so I was preoccupied with many visitors and guest coming and going. First things first, the almost... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 4 Impressions

This is going to be a big one again! So here’s what I’m going to do..I’ll do a part about the Tomari and a part about the Yasuna because I didn’t take notes so I can’t remember the oder stuff happened in! Tomari notices Yasuna and... Read More →