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Kashimashi Episode 3 Impressions

OK first thing first, from here on out Hazumu is a her and a she. I’m confusing myself with the he and his. Something I hadn’t touched on yet, the opening and ending themes. I like both of them especially “Michishirube” by Yu-mao the... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 2 Impressions

Episode two starts with a quick recap of the last few minutes of episode one, just in case you somehow forgot the main character had been turned into a girl after being hit by a giant space ship. Almost everything is clear to me as far as my questions from the... Read More →

Kashimashi Episode 1 Impressions

Ok as soon as I turned this on and saw the art I couldn’t help but instantly see the similarities to Gunslinger Girl and three of its characters. I’m not sure if the same artist did both or was just inspired by. But wow, really close on the character... Read More →

Maria Strawberry Meets Girl


Ok so I just finished watching Strawberry Panic! for about the fifth or sixth time. I can’t help but find myself more and more wanting Tamao to end up with Nagisa the more I watch it. She’s so cute and caring and her character is so much deeper than... Read More →