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Love DNA XX Chapter 3


Kind of a real throw away chapter in my opinion. We see in the beginning that the Etoiles are likely the children of government officials. Government positions are now inherited by birth right not election. Meaning some of these girls will become officials at a... Read More →

Random Thoughts


Completely random stuff here. I’ve been EXTREMELY sick the past few weeks or so. Which is why I haven’t really bee around. I’m starting to get better but there still are some thing lingering. So expect me back in full force sooner rather than... Read More →

Clover Chapter 2 ~Bitter Girl~ By Hiyori Otsu


Well in light of my fourth Clover work(Ch1, Ch2, Extra: Happy Days, Ch3) being released this week I’ve decided to do a little write-up on Chapter 2. This leaves me with one more chapter to edit, Chapter 4. If you recall from my first write up on Chapter 1... Read More →

Love DNA XX Chapter 2


Wow two post this close together? Someone must be bored! Actually I have a lot to do, I’m just ignoring it. >.> [SHHHH] So I just finished the most recent chapter of Love DNA XX earlier today. It took me just over a few hours to do, I was motivated. The... Read More →

Love DNA XX Chapter 1


After a 42 year hiatus (lazy) I’m back again! So are Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi with a new serialization called Love DNA XX! It begins with a quick little back story explaining that all males have been wiped from the Earth in the year 2122. Exactly how, it... Read More →

*pokes you*


Okay, so just in case you didn’t know…I’m home now! I’m back in class and my rotations start tomorrow. Super nervous!  Scared of a class of first graders?  How sad is that!  I’ve been back to real work finally and trying to edit... Read More →

Where are you Octave!


I’ve finally finished another semester. What a long one it was. My grades remained on par with my expectations for myself, so I guess that’s positive considering how high I usually set my own bar. Work seems to be picking up again, maybe I’m... Read More →

Green Bows and Thigh-highs! Oh baby!


So I’m going with green bows because Tiffany and I have decided they’re cuter. I’m using the striped ones too, they’re even better! So here’s two picture, ones with white-ish thigh-highs and the other with black. If I could get... Read More →

I’m still alive, seriously~


I’ve just been -_-. School, editing and well, being lazy in general I guess. I’ve still done absolutely nothing to that SachikoxYumi line art. I promise I will one day though! I’m working on the closing of Strawberry Shake Sweet, once I finish... Read More →

Art Update sXy


Wow that almost spells sexy~ :D. Anyways, quick update on this. I’ve had it done for a few days, maybe a week X_x..well the line art. Not the entire thing. I just completely neglected my blog because now they’ve gotten me addicted to Live Journal!... Read More →