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So, I lied


I didn’t stop working on my piece. Hours upon hours later (I think?), mission accomplished :). I also think it turned out cute! The clothing colors are just bold enough but still pull off her elegance yet still portray the flair she seems to dress with.... Read More →


So, after a wonderful Valentines day my creative juices were flowing when I awoke this morning. I’ve also received a new project from Lililicious to work on today. I got about half of it done and decided I was in the mood to play! :) I went hunting Danbooru... Read More →

The Unusual Usual Rant


Ah, so I made it back before 2010. Are you shocked? Me too. There are just a few things going on, nothing important. Schools back in, so obviously I’m back. Same time schedule as last semester, different classes this time around, thankfully. Having... Read More →

News, The New and Stuff, what?

It has been awhile, as usual. I don’t have much spare time left so blah blah generic excuse generic excuse! Marimite season 4 is now well underway. We’re three episodes in so far and all three have been tear jerkers. The new opening is completely... Read More →

Just Some Stuff!


Yeah that’s right, you heard me.. some stuff! -^_^- Sorry for the lack of finishing Kannazuki no Miko with the urgency I had been doing it with. I PROMISE I’ll get to it soon. I jumped the gun and watched the last 4 episodes in a row rather than blogging... Read More →

Maria-sama ga Miteru S4 Date!


Finally finally finally! We know when Maria season four is coming to us! I’m assuming the details are out of the Lillian Festival. The Japanese wiki for the anime has been updated paired with a new image on! Image below. It’s January... Read More →

Maria Strawberry Meets Girl


Ok so I just finished watching Strawberry Panic! for about the fifth or sixth time. I can’t help but find myself more and more wanting Tamao to end up with Nagisa the more I watch it. She’s so cute and caring and her character is so much deeper than... Read More →


Well I came upon a beautiful picture of Ogasawara Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru tonight and I decided to create a wallpaper of it for myself. Then i decided I would do the common sizes and share it with the world! No art by me this time just some resizing... Read More →