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The Secret Recipe Chapter 4


Chapter 4 is probably the funniest and at the same time cutest thus far! The cooking club has their meetings every Monday and Friday. On Mondays they plan the menu and Fridays they do the actual cooking. Most of the members only show up on Fridays because the planning... Read More →

The Secret Recipe Chapter 3


Much like the last chapter, this one is from a thought point of view. Instead of Horikawa it’s Wakatsuki this time. She introduces herself as Wakatsuki Chihiro, age 16. So we find out a bit more about one of our characters. She begins by giving away a little... Read More →

The Secret Recipe Chapter 2


Wakatsuki feels betrayed by the club president, Horikawa. She promised Wakatsuki that she could come to her with any problems when she initially joined the club. Now she president refuses to help her discover her sexuality! Obviously that may be just a bit much... Read More →

The Secret Recipe Chapter 1


A cute little story of the cooking club president and another member of the cooking club, Wakatsuki. The club president seems shy, calm and is very inexperienced when it comes to relationships. The club member, Wakatsuki on the other hand is quite the opposite.... Read More →