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Green Bows and Thigh-highs! Oh baby!


So I’m going with green bows because Tiffany and I have decided they’re cuter. I’m using the striped ones too, they’re even better! So here’s two picture, ones with white-ish thigh-highs and the other with black. If I could get... Read More →

I’m still alive, seriously~


I’ve just been -_-. School, editing and well, being lazy in general I guess. I’ve still done absolutely nothing to that SachikoxYumi line art. I promise I will one day though! I’m working on the closing of Strawberry Shake Sweet, once I finish... Read More →

Art Update


It’s been awhile since I posted about the piece of art I was working on and since I revamped my blog today this is a good as chance as any. Nothing too new beyond that. I’m still doing my editing mostly. One more chapter of Strawberry Shake to go!... Read More →

The Unusual Usual Rant


Ah, so I made it back before 2010. Are you shocked? Me too. There are just a few things going on, nothing important. Schools back in, so obviously I’m back. Same time schedule as last semester, different classes this time around, thankfully. Having... Read More →

News, The New and Stuff, what?

It has been awhile, as usual. I don’t have much spare time left so blah blah generic excuse generic excuse! Marimite season 4 is now well underway. We’re three episodes in so far and all three have been tear jerkers. The new opening is completely... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.7


Chapter 7 picks right up where chapter 6 left off. It’s the morning after Ran spent the night at Julia’s. As Julia begins to wake up Ran is sleeping in her bed spooning her :D. Apparently in her disoriented sleep she got up top use the bathroom and... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.6

Well no more talk of the love thing from the last chapter in this one but still some interesting stuff going on :). Also a few really nice color pages to check out! :) Starts out with Julia on a game show and then abruptly moves to her doing a shoot in a bikini... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.5

Julia has finally finished the movie she has been filming! At the very end of filming the male lead approaches her and ask her into a relationship. At first she’s a bit taken by him but notices Ran over his shoulder. Julia promptly slaps the snot out of... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.4

A new character appears! Much like Ran is the understudy of Julia it appears Saeki also has an understudy. Her name is Sudou Megumu, age 25! Also I questioned Julia’s age, she’s 27. OK so anyways, Julia is very sick and thus Sudou is going to fill... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.3

As the last chapter ended Julia promised herself to put a lot of distance between her and Ran in order to keep her as a rival. As the chapter begins she tries to hold true to it. Ran wakes up late and has to rush to work. At the train station she stops in front... Read More →