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Octave Chapter 20


Before reading on please note that this is not a deliberate shot at Tranquil Spring. I worked with them for several chapters of this (7-15) and enjoyed my time there and the staff as a whole. I left due to time restraints I had at that point in my life. I have... Read More →

Where are you Octave!


I’ve finally finished another semester. What a long one it was. My grades remained on par with my expectations for myself, so I guess that’s positive considering how high I usually set my own bar. Work seems to be picking up again, maybe I’m... Read More →

Art Update sXy


Wow that almost spells sexy~ :D. Anyways, quick update on this. I’ve had it done for a few days, maybe a week X_x..well the line art. Not the entire thing. I just completely neglected my blog because now they’ve gotten me addicted to Live Journal!... Read More →