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Clover and Downtime


First I’d like to start with the rambling. Sorry if anyone noticed the downtime the past few weeks. I’m not with my third host in 6 months. This one seems much better though, more professional and a lot faster at responding to anything. So that’s... Read More →

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Well, like I mentioned, I was working on a sequel to Little Red Riding Hood Strikes back. Which I still say was probably my most challenging overall edit. In case you didn’t notice >.>…It’s named Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Or Haru... Read More →

The Unusual Usual Rant


Ah, so I made it back before 2010. Are you shocked? Me too. There are just a few things going on, nothing important. Schools back in, so obviously I’m back. Same time schedule as last semester, different classes this time around, thankfully. Having... Read More →

Yuri Hime Wildrose 2: Teacher’s Pet


Well I’ve worked on 3 of the 8 one-shots from Wildrose 2. I enjoyed them all but I’m going to go with this one first because well.. let’s be honest here. Thigh highs melt me XD. Anyways, it’s done by Johnouchi Nene and spans 16 pages. The... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.7


Chapter 7 picks right up where chapter 6 left off. It’s the morning after Ran spent the night at Julia’s. As Julia begins to wake up Ran is sleeping in her bed spooning her :D. Apparently in her disoriented sleep she got up top use the bathroom and... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.6

Well no more talk of the love thing from the last chapter in this one but still some interesting stuff going on :). Also a few really nice color pages to check out! :) Starts out with Julia on a game show and then abruptly moves to her doing a shoot in a bikini... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.5

Julia has finally finished the movie she has been filming! At the very end of filming the male lead approaches her and ask her into a relationship. At first she’s a bit taken by him but notices Ran over his shoulder. Julia promptly slaps the snot out of... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.4

A new character appears! Much like Ran is the understudy of Julia it appears Saeki also has an understudy. Her name is Sudou Megumu, age 25! Also I questioned Julia’s age, she’s 27. OK so anyways, Julia is very sick and thus Sudou is going to fill... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.3

As the last chapter ended Julia promised herself to put a lot of distance between her and Ran in order to keep her as a rival. As the chapter begins she tries to hold true to it. Ran wakes up late and has to rush to work. At the train station she stops in front... Read More →

Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.2


Chapter 2 picks right back up at the end of chapter 1! The aftermath of the accidental kiss on Saeki! Julia makes a joke about having kissing someone a dozen years older than her to which Saeki says is untrue, which leaves Saeki in the mid 20’s age range.... Read More →