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Love DNA XX Chapter 4


Much better chapter! I thought the third was the worst one yet. Thankfully things didn’t continue going down hill. The introduction of the EVEs really added some character to what was starting to become a very boring story. When we left off the last time... Read More →

Love DNA XX Chapter 3


Kind of a real throw away chapter in my opinion. We see in the beginning that the Etoiles are likely the children of government officials. Government positions are now inherited by birth right not election. Meaning some of these girls will become officials at a... Read More →

Love DNA XX Chapter 2


Wow two post this close together? Someone must be bored! Actually I have a lot to do, I’m just ignoring it. >.> [SHHHH] So I just finished the most recent chapter of Love DNA XX earlier today. It took me just over a few hours to do, I was motivated. The... Read More →

Love DNA XX Chapter 1


After a 42 year hiatus (lazy) I’m back again! So are Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi with a new serialization called Love DNA XX! It begins with a quick little back story explaining that all males have been wiped from the Earth in the year 2122. Exactly how, it... Read More →

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Well, like I mentioned, I was working on a sequel to Little Red Riding Hood Strikes back. Which I still say was probably my most challenging overall edit. In case you didn’t notice >.>…It’s named Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Or Haru... Read More →